How to update the webservice password in MS Dynamic CRM 3.0

I recently changed a password on what I thought was a little if not unused account at our company. Turns out this account is what our CRM system was using to call web services. I have updated this password on about everything I can find but I am still having issues. Does anyone know how I can update the password on the CRM side so that things go back to normal? I am hoping this is an easy fix and I am just not savy enough to figure it out.

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  1. Martin- Reply


    It really depends on what the account was being used for. Here's a few places that the account could be used:

    Sharepoint Services (upload, modify, delete docs on sharepoint) Reporting Services (generate reports)

    You might need to reset the unattended execution account:

    It could be possible that some of the plugins are using a hardcoded password within them (to call web services). In that case you would need to go in and update the plugins.

    When you update a password in AD it should reflect that in CRM, so I would expect that it's actually an issue of trying to access something outside of CRM.

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