actionscript 3 - Flash game doesn't work after obfuscation with SecureSWF 4.5

I used SecureSWF 4.5 to obfuscate a Flash game. After the obfuscation process, this error came up:

>     Warning: The following identifiers' names existed in the protected file(s) while they should have been all renamed. Since you enabled
> Post Build Check, secureSWF is now going to exclude any identifier
> with a similar name to any of the following:
>       MainTimeline__Content__
>       MainTimeline__LoadingAnimation__
>       MainTimeline__Preloader__
>       _mygame_fla
>       __rslPreloader

The game is no longer working, it doesn't even start/load anymore. (only the default Flash Player blank screen appears) Does anybody know how to fix this or can give me an idea what that error means?

(I'm using Flash CS6 and published the game for the Flash Player 11.1)

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