How to get subscriber count and videos count for a given YouTube channel?

Until now I've been using this URL to retrieve subscriber count for a channel:<channel_id>?v=2&alt=json

And this URL to get channel videos count:<channel_id>/uploads?v=2&alt=jsonc&max-results=0

But from this day Google discontinued using it's v2 API and I can't find replacement options for this data.

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  1. Lori- Reply


    You're going to want to use the Channels/list endpoint as pass in statistics for the part parameter.



    Response (with id=UCt7iVnJwjBsof8IPLJHCTgQ):

     "kind": "youtube#channelListResponse",
     "etag": "\"dhbhlDw5j8dK10GxeV_UG6RSReM/WNxXCvycTyqTjTn9sLJ5toVjBRY\"",
     "pageInfo": {
      "totalResults": 1,
      "resultsPerPage": 1
     "items": [
       "kind": "youtube#channel",
       "etag": "\"dhbhlDw5j8dK10GxeV_UG6RSReM/jijTuA_iWn2Kv9aRnqeAWNAcQ6I\"",
       "id": "UCt7iVnJwjBsof8IPLJHCTgQ",
       "statistics": {
        "viewCount": "796662",
        "commentCount": "20",
        "subscriberCount": "257",
        "hiddenSubscriberCount": false,
        "videoCount": "126"

    You can pass in a comma-separated list of Channel IDs for the id parameter. Because I only passed in one id, the first object of the items array will have the values you need. Get the object for the subscriberCount and videoCount values in the statistics dictionary for the data you want.

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