java - Creating an Android save file on the local storage of the device?

I'm using Libgdx for a game on Android, and i want to create a save file on the local storage of the user's phone, and i'm wondering how would i go about doing that. Some of the documents I have read such as here: have been quiet vague, and I don't really understand what is going on, or can make the example work in my own game. Is there a feature for this in Libgdx itself?

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  1. Jimmy- Reply


    in libgdx for storing the data we uses the "Preference". which is help to store the data in device itself. here i will give you an example for storing the data in deveice memory.

               myGame extends ApplicationAdapter{
               public static int count;
               public static bitmapFont font;
               public SpriteBatch batch;
               public static Preferences prefs;  
               public void create()
               batch=new SpriteBatch();
               font=new font(Gdx.files.internla("myFont.png"));
               public static Preferences prefs;
            // this is for setting up the storage for the current project 
               prefs ="myGame");
               public void incrementCount()
             // here "countValue" is the key(which is the reference to the data)  and "count" is the vlaue(the data). the value is stored in key value method.
              prefs.putInteger("countValue", count);
             // is used to flush the data in to the storage
               public void render()
             // getting the stored value from the preference
                batch.draw(font,countValue+"stored value",0,0)
             // this is the simple way to store the data into the device memory . it will work in both the android and the IOS
  2. Joe- Reply


    I think what you look for is Preferences. It is a way to store data for you application and it works for iOS and Android.

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