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If a constant acceleration starship started at rest, then accelerated at 25G (245m/s^2) how long would it take to fly an AU (149 597 871 kilometers)? I am a writer, so I have no experience with kinematics, but I do know that T= Distance/Velocity.

I'm having a problem with the ridiculously high numbers and unit conversion (m/s into 149 million km).

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  1. Elvis- Reply


    Wolfram Alpha can do things like this easily, handling the units for you. Just entering "time to travel 1 AU at an acceleration of 25 g" gives the answer. The result is 9.7 hours. You can click on "Show formula" to see the formula used. It is one step beyond T=Distance/Velocity.

    That gets you up to 0.03 c (click "More units"), so relativistic effects can be mostly ignored.

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