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  1. Donald- Reply


    If it exists, some ATM somewhere has probably attempted it! The two main manufacturers of solar telescopes, Coronado and Lunt, both started out as small mom-and-pop operations, so I think building an etalon is well within ATM capabilities.

  2. David- Reply


    You can buy etalons on eBay cheap, they even have some 1" 1047nm for $35 now. I am a holographer, and I know how to use these in a laser. What confuses me is how they are used in a telescope with converging, rather than parallel rays. Can you just put mylar and a long pass filter (maybe a couple lighting gels) in front, place the etalon on a gimbal mount in the path, and put a camera on the end?

  3. Denny- Reply


    vol. 3 of the Amateur Telescope Making series has details on how to build a narrow-band filter for solar observations.


    I did not attempt to build it myself, but looks very interesting.

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