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  1. Evan- Reply


    In version 1.8 for the PC and in Pocket Edition 0.9.5, you can craft mossy cobblestone from cobblestone and vines like so:

    Mossy cobblestone recipe: one cobblestone and one vine, shapeless

    In earlier versions, mossy cobblestone isn't craftable.

    It's only generated around dungeons, so you must gather it by finding dungeons, disabling the spawner, and mining the mossy cobblestone with a stone pick or better.

    There are mods for these earlier PC versions that add crafting recipes for it (Forestry in particular I'm thinking of).

  2. Francis- Reply


    First,cut some vines with shears and get some cobblestone. Then you can craft mossy cobblestone,in Minecraft PE it is actually called Moss Stone. Also,you can get it from dungeons.

  3. Frank- Reply


    You can make it yourself by putting cobblestone in or near water

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