git - Is there a simpler way to help testers push code to a testing branch?

I'm a amateur programmer, I'm not used to working with Git. It's my job to help test new code, for a while now this has included pulling the branch containing the issue, merging it with the main branch, and pushing it to the test environment.

There are a lot of steps involved with a incredible amount of different options that are of no use to me. Since I always pull from and push to the same two servers, all I'm really doing different every time is selecting the branch for the issue that I'm testing.

My question basically is: Which practice is considered state-of-the-art to make this easier? I can't be the only tester with this problem, what are some solutions to this? Should I get a command line version of git running and see if I can script the basic steps?

Note: step three in this post seems to be roughly what I'm looking for but there is no elaboration on how the asker plans to do this.

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  1. Bill- Reply


    If there's no continuous (or partially automated) delivery system in place, it's a job of a software developer to provide a test build for a tester (it might be your boss who needs to know nothing about command line git). If that process is really tedious to repeat, the way would be to automate it with some scripts. Most likely it involves using command line git, and should be done effectively by someone who has this knowledge. Such script could be run as a git hook, or as a part of some continuous delivery system.

  2. Bob- Reply


    As a tester, it's the developers' job to provide you with a build that is going to be tested, and you have absolutely no business producing any code or merging any code. Whoever merges a branch with the main branch must be a developer.

    The usual method is that a developer develops on a branch, provides you with a build based on that branch, and you test it. Once that is done, and the code is also reviewed, and it is decided it's the right time for it, the developer moves his code in the main branch. And you test the main branch before it is released.

    Usually the developer will merge the main branch into his own branch before giving it to you for testing. The reason is that when finally the developer merges his branch into the main branch, there will be less chance for conflicts.

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