network manager - How to cache dnscrypt-proxy with dnsmasq+resolvconf?

Due to my ISP intercepting some DNS requests and return 'redirected' A records, I want to use dnscrypt-proxy on my computer (my workstation, actually, running Ubuntu 16.04)

What I have done is install dnscrypt-proxy and point it to one of the public dnscrypt servers available. Then I change the DNS Server settings in Network Manager to point to (the default listening address of dnscrypt-proxy)

It works, but it seems that every single resolve of FQDN goes to the dnscrypt server, and no caching is being performed.

So, I want to cache DNS resolution done by dnscrypt. I know I can do this using unbound, but dnsmasq is already installed on my workstation, so I want to use that instead. However, I'm a bit confused with the interaction between dnsmasq & resolvconf & Network Manager.

That leads to My Questions:

How do I configure my system so DNS Resolution will be done by dnscrypt-proxy but cached by dnsmasq?

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  1. Randall- Reply


    You should first edit the NetworkManager config file in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf and change the line that says dns=dnsmasq to dns=none. Then restart the NetworkManager service using sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.

    Install dnsmasq with sudo apt update && sudo apt install dnsmasq -y. Edit the dnsmasq config in /etc/dnsmasq.conf using your preferred editor.
    Delete the whole config, and replace it with this:


    Then, stop and disable resolvconf using sudo systemctl stop resolvconf && sudo systemctl disable resolvconf and restart and enable dnsmasq using sudo systemctl restart dnsmasq && sudo systemctl enable dnsmasq. Edit /etc/resolv.conf using your preferred editor. Change it to only have one line:


    Now, test your internet connection by pinging a web address, for example If you get a response, it means that your setup is working!

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