project management - Software for prioritising issues / tasks in an ordered list/queue (ideally in Github)?

It seems to me that the best way to manage priority for programming tasks in a backlog is to simply put them in order. Do the top task first, second one next. If priority changes, re-order the queue. I thought this was exactly how things were supposed to work in Agile.

I have yet to find an online open-source team task manager that supports custom ordering of tasks this way - although I might be out of date. Assembla definitely doesn't. Jira doesn't seem to. When we used Agilo in my previous company, it didn't seem to either. The only service I've found that implements this simple concept well is Google Tasks, but that's hardly suitable for managing software projects.

I don't understand why this isn't the standard way to manage priority.

My ideal way to track issues would be through Github. As far as I can tell Github Issues also doesn't support custom ordering of tasks. Does anyone know if there's any way to implement this on top of Github Issues somehow? Is there any way I can suggest it as a feature?

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  1. Patrick- Reply


    Related to github this one might be an interesting solution:

    Huboard is a solution based on the API of Github. It uses the real GitHub issues as you are familiar with when using GitHub.

    It allows you to sort and manage the tasks by dragging them.

    Because they are from the API it means all data is the actual GitHub data. So if you commit to close a task it will also be closed in Huboard. That makes it special, it's really the real data without synchronisation issues.

  2. Peter- Reply


    I actually just had a similar challenge I wanted to solve just a few minutes ago. I downloaded Task Coach, which is open source and written in Python. It's a very detailed task manager.

    The reasons I think it might help you is that it supports ordering based on priority, so you can simply list your tasks in order and change the priority which will re-order the list.

    Hope that helps!

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