Are there any episodes of Star Trek : TNG where they actually go to a star?

From an episode of Community:

Why don't they call it Planet Trek? [They] never go to a star. Not one episode.

-- I'm fairly sure that in at least one episode they're deliberately visiting a star before something spacey happens to it.

For my purposes, I'll define "go to a star" as ... well, "deliberately heading to a star". Hopefully there's at least one long distance trip ("There's a star exploding! Let's go watch from inside the blast range!") but the short distance trips ("I can't see anything going wrong if we fly inside a miasma of incandescent plasma.") count as well.

Going to Mars doesn't count as going to Sol, though, nor does drifting or being knocked into a star by mistake. Incomplete trips also count; if they're heading towards a star to take pictures and Q randomly puts them into a game of Minecraft, it still counts.

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    In TNG Suspicions the Enterprise flies to a star named Vaytan to facilitate a meeting of guest scientists to learn about a new shield that would allow a vessel to enter a star's corona. They fairly ignore the planets there and are purely focused on the star and on the shield - which seemingly failed. Until it is discovered

    that the shield indeed works, but one of the guest scientists rigged a failure and faked his own death so he could steal the technology.

    enter image description here

    In TNG Evolution they, let me quote from Captains log,

    Captain's Log, Stardate 43125.8. We have entered a spectacular binary star system in the Kavis Alpha sector on a most critical mission of astrophysical research. Our eminent guest, Dr. Paul Stubbs, will attempt to study the decay of neutronium expelled at relativistic speeds from a massive stellar explosion which will occur here in a matter of hours.

    enter image description here

    In TNG The Naked Now they are flying to a unnamed red giant which is about to explode. This proves problematic because it causes the crew to develop symptoms as if they were drunk. They had a hard time escaping

    but they made it - thanks to Wesley and Data.

    enter image description here

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