Prolog not showing full list of answer

When I run query human(Who). on the below .pl file


I only get back Who = ann .

Instead of

Who = ann ;
Who = george ;
Who = mike.

Am using prolog 6.6.6. How do I get it to show the full list?

2 Answers

  1. Lance- Reply


    The answer you got was the following. Do you note the space before the dot?

    Who = ann .
             ^ SPACE!!!

    This space means: The query was aborted. Maybe you typed return. Or maybe you have a somewhat illconfigured terminal.

    To better check this, try:

    ?- X = 1 ; X = 2 ; X = 3.

    There you should get all three answers, too. If not, it is definitely your terminal

  2. Larry- Reply


    What you are seeing is the default behaviour of prolog.

    The query

     ?-  findall(Object,Goal,List).

    Should work for you.


    findall(X, human(X), L).

    It will populate the list with all possible answers.

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