jquery - Use $.get() without dollar sign $

I Got this lines in my Javascript code, and I Cannot use JQuery the $dollar-way, and get in this case doesn't works... I don't receive either the console.log message.

jQuery(document).get(full_event_editor_url, function(text){
    console.log('We can begin to work...');
    // code

I need a solution to access another url page to get values, I don't want to load it; only get values inside the function keys.

I tried to use load() function too, but didn't work. I'm working on wordpress theme. My requeriments on JQuery I cannot solve.

Which is the best way to only access another page a time and receive some values.

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  1. John- Reply


    $ is just an alias for jQuery. If you have another variable already using $, you can call $.noConflict() to prevent conflicts.

    See https://api.jquery.com/jquery.noconflict/

    Try jQuery.get(full_event_editor_url).always(response=> console.log(response));

    Putting your callback function as a parameter of .get() will fail silently, whereas .always() will let you troubleshoot the issue regardless what it returns.

    See https://api.jquery.com/jquery.get/ under The jqXHR Object

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