Print Multiple Sheet from User Input Using Excel VBA

I have a code which will take user input from a list box, which is the name of all the tabs I have in the workbook, selected name will be moved to another listbox, say Listbox2. This list box 2 items are being converted to an array to go to the print preview page. but the problem is, I'm doing it in a loop, so I can't print them in one go. If I select 5 tabs, I'm having to print 5 tabs separately. I want to print them together. I've tried putting the print preview command out of the loop, but then I get an error saying application not found or something similar. Here's the code below:

Private Sub Printout1_Click()
Dim Size As Integer

    Size = Me.ListBox2.ListCount - 1
ReDim ListBoxContents(0 To Size) As String

    Dim i As Integer

  For i = 0 To Size
      ListBoxContents(i) = Me.ListBox2.List(i)

Next i

For i = 0 To Size
Sheets(ListBoxContents(i)).Visible = True
    Sheets(ListBoxContents(i)).Visible = False
Next i

End Sub

1 Answer

  1. Donald- Reply


    You can copy all the sheets in another sheet just for print , For exemple if he select sheet1 and sheet2

    You can use a sheet called PRINTSHEET

    and them Copy the Sheet1.usedrange and Sheet2.usedrange to PrintSheet

    after that u can just print the PrintSheet

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