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How can I determine if a project is build in Debug (or Release) mode within an MSBuild .targets file and use this information as a condition for another property?

Something like:

<OutDir Condition="IsDebug">bin\Debug\$(SomeOtherProperty)\</OutDir>
<OutDir Condition="!IsDebug">bin\Release\$(SomeOtherProperty)\</OutDir>

Is there such thing as Debug/Release mode, or are they just conventional names for different sets of configuration properties' values?

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  1. Ivan- Reply


    Debug/Release or whatever are just conventional values for the Configuration property.

    So, as long the project that includes/calls your .targets file adheres to the convention; you can check for debug mode as follows:

    <OutDir Condition=" '$(Configuration)' == 'Debug' ">bin\Debug\$(SomeOtherProperty)\</OutDir>

    or you could just use that variable directly:


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