talend - Button "Run job" locked - can't run any job

I have a problem with my Talend Open Studio since this morning. Yesterday, all were working fine and this morning, I launched TOS and I cannot rur any of my jobs. (I did not touch anything ... strange)

Here an example : enter image description here

  • I open a job
  • In red : "No job to run" ...
  • In blue : the button is grey ...

It is as if my Workspace was in read only mode ! None of my job can be ran. And even if I create a new job, I can't run it too ...

I restarted Talend, I restarted my computer and download again TOS and affect my workspace to it ... still not working. I just tried to create a new workspace and create a new job and it does not work.

This button does not change anything. enter image description here It does nothing.

Thanks in advance for your help. Damien.

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  1. James- Reply


    After 3h, I found the solution !

    In fact when I said that I created a new workspace I were wrong, I created a new "Local_Project" IN my current workspace.. And it never worked because it seems to be my whole workspace which went wrong when I close Talend yesterday.

    My solution is :

    • Export all my jobs, contexts, metadata, routines ... from my current worksapce
    • Create a new "workspace" folder
    • Link Talend whith this new empty workspace
    • Create a new "Local_Project" in the new workspace
    • Import all the jobs

    I can work again !

    The good question is what happened yesterday ... No idea !

    Hope it will help.


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