Moodle integration questions

We are checking all the paths to integrate a .Net application with Moodle, we would like to redirect our .net application users to Moodle so they can take some courses there but I have some questions:

  1. Is it required to create a user for each account so they can enroll in a course in Moodle? I mean is it possible to have "anonymous" students taking courses in Moodle?
  2. We would like to authenticate our users from our .Net application and redirect them directly to a course in Moodle, is this possible?


1 Answer

  1. Jacob- Reply


    1. Yes. In Moodle there is the concept of guest access, with which not registered users can access the system and possibly be enrolled into courses. More information here.
    2. Yes. You can use an authentication plugin of Moodle in order to access Moodle from other systems. There are many possibilities here. More details here.

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