objective c - How can I create a cloud backend to update my iOS app?

I have a news application that i am in the process of building, and of course news updates a lot, so I have to constantly update my stories, so I need a backend of some sort that will let me update my stories over the air without updating the actual app.

I found Parse.com and they have some awesome stuff, but with the way my app is built I don't think I can use them.

I will have to update UIImageviews, UItextviews, and the names of Buttons. With Parse I can only seem to find help regarding the PFQueryTableViewController, which I could use this, but that requires completely recoding and some redesigning of my app to fit into that.

So unless there's another way, I guess I will suck it up and get to work.

So is there a simpler way to do this, or maybe a better service that works more towards what I'm describing?

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  1. Evan- Reply


    What you are asking basically is how to do network communication. It sounds like to me you can do what you want with just Parse. You just store the images and text and then call the information from the parse backend when you are loading. From there you can update the UITextViews, button names, and UIImageViews however you want dynamically (using the .text, setTitle, and .image properties and methods respectively). You could also use Amazon S3 for image storage... but the API is less well documented for that.

    This is probably your best bet, unless you really want to delve in more deeply and learn how to use NSURLConnection or AFNetworking to communicate with a back-end that you build on a django, ruby, etc. server that you host yourself on a server.

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