ios - ApplicationVerificationFailed from Nativescript CLI

I am using the latest version (2.0) of the Nativescript CLI. I recently updated by iPad to iOS 9.3 from iOS 7. Prior to this upgrade, I was able to run Nativescript apps on my device using "tns run ios". Since the upgrade, I get the following error:

Error: ApplicationVerificationFailed ErrorDescription: The bundle being installed with bundle ID org.nativescript.bluetoothdemo2 is authorized by a free provisioning profile, but apps validated by those are not allowed to be installed from this source.

I have attempted to change the bundle ID (hence the 2) and generate new provisioning profiles to no avail. I have opened the project in xCode and the "Fix It" button is not available. The project does run in xCode.

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  1. Edwin- Reply


    This is how I solved the same problem.

    1) Opened up XCode project that Nativescript generated, tried to run it, but it failed with message that apphas to be verified on the phone itself.

    2) Opened up phone General settings > Profiles and Devices Management > Developer App.

    3) Verified the app.

    4) Built and run app via "tns run ios --device 1" normally without any problems.

    Hope it helps :)

  2. Elliott- Reply


    I would recommend you try the following:

    1) Remove the platform/ios by running tns platform remove ios

    2) Make sure your package.json contains the correct bundleID (this will be passed to your xcode project when you build).

    3) Make sure you use the same BundleID from your Apple dev-certificates.

    4) Add the platform/ios by running tns platform add ios

    5) Prepare & Build: tns prepare ios & tns build ios

    6) Go to your .../platforms/ios folder and open the .xcodeproj or .xcworkspace

    7) Go to "General" tab of you main app target and under "Identity" group make sure you have the correct BundleID and the correct Team (your Apple dev account).

    8) Go to Build Settings tab and under Code Signing group the Code Signing Identity key is set to iOS Developer (your dev Certificate), and that the Provisioning Profile is set to Automatic (when publishing it will automatically choose the correct profile).

    Now you can just close XCode and run the app via CLI.

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