offset - Flex 3 - import skin from Illustrator : default position problem

I export a .swf skin file from Illustrator. (For my test i create the default Flex Skin Palette from Illustrator and I export it to .swf file.)

Flex Builder side, the import is successfull (create automaticaly a CSS file).

But, all my components are a default position problem, that is to say, for example i have a button in my main canvas, at fixe position. And when i start my application, this buttons is automatically moved. And this behavior is the same for all component (combo box, text input, etc.).


disabledSkin: Embed(source="assets/test.swf", symbol="Button_disabledSkin"); downSkin: Embed(source="assets/test.swf", symbol="Button_downSkin"); overSkin: Embed(source="assets/test.swf", symbol="Button_overSkin"); upSkin: Embed(source="assets/test.swf", symbol="Button_upSkin"); }

Thanks for your help



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