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    It's the classical raison d'etre of ESB (= Enterprise Service Bus); You can always connect two or more applications to talk directly to each other (and we used to), but you will soon reach the state of Integration Spaghetti while your systems evolve and need to talk to more and more applications. ESB was invented to solve this kind of problem by introducing itself as the central bus for the integrations. And JBoss Fuse is an ESB product.

    You can read this Wikipedia article for more info:

    So you do not need to use JBoss Fuse for integrating your applications. After all, JBoss Fuse/ESB is mere one option for how to design and architect your entire applications system. But if you are concerned about or suffer from the integration spaghetti, then JBoss Fuse can always help to solve this kind of problems.

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