Android Facebook - Two packagenames in one App Id

I am developing an android application. I have used the Facebook SDK to connect facebook from my application. So I have created application in facebook developer login and got a single App ID and App Secret.

Now I am having two applications. But the application functionality is same.

1) application with ads Packagename : com.companyname.appWithAds

2) application without ads. Packagename : com.companyname.appWithoutAds

Can I add these two package names in that single App which I created in Facebook developer login? or I want to create separate App Id for each application in Facebook developer login?

1 Answer

  1. Brent- Reply


    You cannot use the packages as it is as an app can have a single package.

    You can combine these two in a package called com.companyname .You can then load the app with ads or without ads depending on your criteria of showing ads (depending on user login or other reasons).

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