java - Volume map a properties file into a webapp inside docker

Is it possible to volume map a properties file into the class path of a webapp that has been deployed on tomcat inside a docker container? When I try doing that it replaces the contents of the root folder for example:

if the v-map is:

-v < host-folder >/< container-path-to-tomcat >/webapps//WEB-INF/classes/

Then the entire contents of < container-path-to-tomcat >/webapps//WEB-INF/ gets replaced. Any insights? The question is whether replacing deployed artifacts inside a container is even possible?

2 Answers

  1. Mike- Reply


    As far as I know, "volumes" in Docker are supposed to be directories and not single files. This is by design. If possible, put your properties file in a separate directory.

  2. Neil- Reply


    I think the problem is not related with files but with the workflow of mounting volumes: The appServer will not expand the WAR file because docker already mounted the volume with the same directory name.

    This makes any sense?

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