all flesh must be eaten - Zombie point calculations seem to be inconsistent - Rol

In All Flesh Must Be Eaten, I have been looking at a game that runs similarly to The Walking Dead series, but within about a month or two after the outbreak at most. The problem I am having is with creating zombies for it. The basic stats for a zombie seem easy enough to create, but I found an example online and do not understand how the author reached that point total.The stats for a normal zombie in this setting would be as follows (including the point values listed in the book for those values): Weak Spot: Brain (6) Getting Around: Slow an...Read more

strategy - Zombies Versus Skeletons: Optimal Strategies?

Don't ask me why, but my story's come to a race of zombies coming to blows with a race of skeletons.The ZombiesThe zombies are able to infect live non-zombies. They wander about aimlessly, moving no more than about a mile per hour (roughly a third of normal human walking speed). When they see any non-zombie, they run (that is, two miles per hour) directly toward their target, not taking into account obstacles on the ground. (Note that all of their prey will turn into humanoid zombies, regardless of its original species.) That said, they have cl...Read more

zombies - Effects of high-intensity radiation on the undead?

What would happen if a zombie got caught too close to a reactor meltdown, or a vampire decided to intentionally dose themselves with lethal radiation meant to sterilize machine parts? Would enough radiation delivered over whatever interval it needed to be preserve a corpse or the walking dead, or would it just further damage the tissue? I’m trying to think of ways for a smart undead to prevent further tissue rot and I’m wondering if this might be a better avenue than mummification or vacuum preservation....Read more

zombies - Can one design a virus to have controlled mutations within a specific timeframe?

In the Sovereign Spirit Saga an airborne zombie virus spreads benignly through the world for a few weeks.The first to be infected spread it via the air and the virus was mutating slightly. Every virus mutated the exact same abilities and did it in the same timeframe. By April 1st the virus simultaneously mutated and became transmissible only by bite and also mutated the ability to turn the infected people rabid.Is this type of fixed rate mutation possible in a genetically engineered virus?...Read more

How long would a planet of zombies last

the zombies are infected by a virus, they are clinically dead, yet still able to move around, are compelled to seek out non-infected living people, and are gradually rotting away.Notes: If the head is completely separated from the body then they are no longer active, this would allow other zombies to eat them, but zombies won't kill each other. They require, at least, some remnant of muscle tissue to move around. Once all the flesh has rotted off they are simply inanimate skeletons. Zombies can be considered to retain a degree of intelligence (...Read more

How to equal the zombie threat

In my Series there is a zombie apocalypse that has fast zombies in it. They are equally if not weaker than the average man. The problem is that running zombies are bad for storytelling. So I'm asking how I can make running zombies seem like less of a threat? Preferably equal in danger to 2-3 slow zombies. Below are some requirements both for design and story; The characters will need to be able to survive the apocalypse without military aid. They need to be under constant threat. The zombies need to be capable of destroying walls and barr...Read more

armors - Anti-zombie warrior squad

Scenario:A major stock holder in the stack exchange group is a survivalist. And he is fearfull of a zombie outbreak and apocalipse. He has a lot of money to spare. He intends to store a certain ammount of food, water and weapons to survive thru the zombie outbreak. He will store dehydrated food for as much as 2 years worth of food. He has a large water storage system capable of recycling water via reverse osmosis. Other basic items are already stored. He will invite ten of his friends (males and females) to stay and fight besides him.Question:W...Read more

zombies - Could bringing back the dead be unhealthy (disease)?

In my short story, there is (today) technology to "bring back" the recent dead. Joanna Public dies of exposure and is found a week later in the woods a few miles outside of Portland, Oregon. Luckily Joe Doctor can 're-animate' her to her mental self fully.This is not like a zombie movie, she's fully capable, very happy to be back albeit a little bit stiff (ha) but had to have a lot of cleaning up and there are bugs and things.Then this starts to be common practice that can happen only a few weeks after death, and obviously not if someone was ...Read more

Zombie apocalypse pacifist survival group

Is there any possible way that a pacifist survival group could survive a zombie pandemic. When I say pacifist I mean to both zombies and humans.Zombies in this world fall into this category:Living Things are Composed of CellsLiving Things Have Different Levels of OrganizationLiving Things Use EnergyLiving Things Respond To Their EnvironmentLiving Things GrowLiving Things ReproduceLiving Things Adapt To Their EnvironmentExcluding plants because of a comment by a user.And there're rare for are considered living things.EDIT: My full definition of ...Read more

How many zombie dinosaurs are there?

In my world, a combination of silly magic and technology have made all dinosaur/prehistoric animal remains come back to life. I'm assuming that this magic somehow makes the bones and other remains stick together as you might see a skeleton in a museum, as long as most of the skeleton is intact (we'll say 75%). Soft tissue like muscle and skin needn't be intact.I'm sure there are at least millions of dinosaur skeletons still partially intact, but if they are all a mile underground they may not actually appear to humans on the surface, so let's a...Read more

Has any storyteller combined Zombies vs Vampires like

I envision a world where vampires defend humans from zombies, because vampires depend on (live) humans for food.Has someone already created that world? Please forgive my ignorance.Who fights who?Vampires primarily fight zombies.Zombies fight everything. They're kind of dumb.Humans are caught in the middle.Why do I imagine that? After several years of zombie and vampire fiction, I have joked that it is time to combine those genres....Read more