Zip4J and Zip Slip vulnerability

Zip4J is listed as vulnerable for Zip Slip. They claim that Zip4J 1.3.3 has the fix. However the JAR we download from their site is empty and has no classes. Did anyone manage to get the 1.3.3 version? Any other alternative for a Zip utility that supports encrypted zips? Have mailed the Zip4J developer, but checking here as well to see how everyone is handling it....Read more

zip4j archive doesn't contain folders

I'm creating a zipped archive with zip4j using the following method to add single files to the archive: zipParameters = new ZipParameters(); zipParameters.setCompressionMethod(Zip4jConstants.COMP_DEFLATE); zipParameters.setCompressionLevel(Zip4jConstants.DEFLATE_LEVEL_ULTRA); zipFile = new ZipFile(fullQualifiedZipFile); ... zipFile.addFile(new File(fullQualilfiedPath), zipParameters);Doing so, the resulting archive doesn't contain the folder structure. Any idea how to resolve this?Thanks in advance for any hint!Kind regards,Michael...Read more

zip4j - Create and Read password protected ZIP using streams.(Not physical File)

I need to implement a solution that creates password protected ZIP streams and save to database as a blob. Also need to read the password protected content from the database read as the stream. This should not create a physical File. Standard JAVA SDK does not support creating and reading password protected ZIP. I tried with different solutions all most the available solution creating a physical file. I found examples with writing/Reading password protected ZIP with ZIP4JHow to password protect a zipped Excel file in Java?Is it possible to...Read more