iOS ZBar: Getting only the encoded data (not check digits, etc.)

Say a Code128 barcode image has an exact string representation of 001234567890000 when scanned. Assume the leading and trailing 0s are actually check digits, etc. The actual code is then just 123456789.If I use Zbar to decode the image, I get the same string (i.e. 001234567890000). How can I get ZBar to return me just the actual encoded data (i.e. 123456789). The below does not seem to be helping.scanner.setSymbology(ZBAR_CODE128, config: ZBAR_CFG_ADD_CHECK, to: 1) // Or even 0 for that matterscanner.scanImage(zBarImage)Although if I understand...Read more

Zbar not scanning after use of camera

I have an app that start with scanning a qr code.After scanning if I use the camera to take picture and then go back to thescanning view the scanning does not work.I dont know the reason, issue is only in IOS7 devices, both iPad and iPhone.I tried to setSymbology and called [readerView start], but it didn't work.Please help....Read more

zbar sdk - Calling a method inside a delegate

I am using zBar SDK once a qr code detected a delegate will run, inside this delegate I defined a myView and used it as a overlay on the camera with information about that qr code.inside the myView there is a button which calls a method (testAction) but inside this method I cannot acces any of objects which I'd defined in the delegate, how can I access to to myView and objects inside that inside testAction?- (void) imagePickerController: (UIImagePickerController*) reader didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo: (NSDictionary*) info{ UIView *myView; ...Read more

A change to zbar-sdk tag

There is a tag zbar-sdk on SO, but [tag:zbar sdk] is something that regards only to iPhone backend of zbar. I see some questions, maybe 10%, regard to zbar in general or to other ports, like Windows or Linux. I suggest adding also a zbar (or zbar-other) tag and explain that it's about non iPhone questions. In the same time an explanation should be added to zbar-sdk tag, that it's only for iPhone questions.I think having 2 separate tags for zbar is the best option. I could get only non iPhone questions with zbar query. But if you prefer to have ...Read more