Wanting to make an Xposed module

So I'm wanting to make an xposed module but cannot find any good video tutorials out there let alone an updated one also I know C# Decently and hardly any Java... Any help to help me get started would be appreciated. Thanks...Read more

Is it possible to replace Android N's ART with Android M's?

In AOSP 7 source tree, Is it be possible to use Android 6's art/ instead of the original Android 7's art/?I don't ever recall having seen such replacements before, but out of curisity is it possible? You may ask me why? The answer is all about xposed. Xposed doesn't currently support Android N yet, but works pretty good on M. So, my question would be: Is replacing N's ART with M's ART an option to enable Xposed on N? If the answer is no, please let me know the why.If this question is off-topic here, kindly tell me to move it to the SO's sister ...Read more

how to change the variable use Xposed

byte[] buffer = new buffer[1024];io.read(buffer, 0, buffer.length);Now I hook the method io.read(), is there a way to change the buffer variable.The buffer length is 1024, I want Xposed to achieve,byte[] newbuffer = new byte[4096];buffer = newbuffer;...Read more

Log all methods called in an app by Xposed

As title said, I want to use xposed to log all methods called in an app from it start till I stop it. I only want to log Class name, Method name, don't want to hook all method.I try this code, but get error getMethod not found.findAndHookMethod("java.lang.Class", lpparam.classLoader, "getMethod", String.class, Object.class, new XC_MethodHook()Thanks in advance!...Read more

Xposed - Return class constructor

Decompilled method:private static l c(String str, String str2, String str3, String str4) { l lVar; k kVar = (k) m.get(str); j jVar = (j) l.get(str); if (kVar != null) { lVar = new l(kVar, str2, str3); } else if (jVar != null) { lVar = new l(jVar, str2, str3); } else { lVar = new l(j.GENERIC, str2, str3); } lVar.a(str4); return lVar;}How to use Xposed to return new l (jVar, str2, str3) with its specific values?The beginning of the code I have is: try { findAndHookMethod("com.xiaomi.hm.hea...Read more