How do I comment out a block of tags in XML?

How do I comment out a block of tags in XML?I.e. How can I comment out <staticText> and everything inside it, in the code below? <detail> <band height="20"> <staticText> <reportElement x="180" y="0" width="200" height="20"/> <text><![CDATA[Hello World!]]></text> </staticText> </band> </detail>I could use <!-- staticText--> but that's just for single tags (as what I know), like // in Java and C. I would like something more like how /** comment...Read more

What does <![CDATA[]]> in XML mean?

I often find this strange CDATA tag in XML files:<![CDATA[some stuff]]>I have observed that this CDATA tag always comes at the beginning, and then followed by some stuff.But sometimes it is used, sometimes it is not. I assume it is to mark that some stuff is the "data" that will be inserted after that. But what kind of data is some stuff? Isn't anything I write in XML tags some sort of data?...Read more

xml - Call XSLT template with tokenized parameter and parent context

Can a call to an XSLT template be setup such that it is called with the parent of the current context?My XML looks like the following with Job nodes that have 1+ child location nodes:<Job> <JobId>12345</JobId> <JobTitle>Programmer</JobTitle> <Location> <LocationCode>US</LocationCode> <!-- there is a variable number of comma-deliminated strings within the sublocations node --> <SubLocations>US1,US2,US3</SubLocations> </Location> <Location> ...Read more

tsql - Create SQL Server table from XML data in specific format

I have data stored in XML, which is structured in more of an HTML format than real XML. The element head contains column names and row elements contain data for these columns.<root><head> <value>DeviceID</value> <value>VolumeName</value> <value>SizeGB</value> <value>FreeSpaceGB</value> <value>FreeSpacePercent</value></head><row> <value>C:</value> <value>c$OS-COMPUTER01</value> <value>126</value> <...Read more

xml - Wherre can I find the SSMS Schema Definition .xsd File Location?

I am working on a project and would like to take a look at the .xsd Schema definition file for SSMS Code Snippets. Hoping somebody here could help me out, I know it needs to be somewhere, I just can't seem to find it.I found the visual studio file location for the SnippetSchema.xsd file, but cannot find the SSMS version of the file, and even tried going to the URL in the snippet example on msdn pasted below.I also opened and examined the xsd for visual studio, and saw language did not include the SQL attribute required for SSMS. I even did a fu...Read more

xml - Python, pandas, numpy output convert to excel file

I have a simply code that output looks like below:[ Unnamed: 0 IV Q 2016 I Q 20170 Przychody netto ze sprzedaży (tys. zł) 8 078 8 8771 Zysk (strata) z działal. oper. (tys. zł) -15 386 -5622 Zysk (strata) brutto (tys. zł) -16 300 -7233 Zysk (strata) netto (tys. zł)* -8 500 -7074 Amortyzacja (tys. zł) -1 059 1 1915 EBITDA (tys. zł) -16 445 6296 ...Read more

database - Postgres: Importing huge XML files

I need to import huge XML files to a database. After that, I need to transform it into another format.At the moment I try to do that using Postgres. I've already imported a 250 MB file to a table using insert into test(name, "element")SELECT (xpath('//title/text()', myTempTable.myXmlColumn))[1]::text AS name ,myTempTable.myXmlColumn as "element"FROM unnest( xpath ( '//test' ,XMLPARSE(DOCUMENT convert_from(pg_read_binary_file('test.xml'), 'UTF8')) )) AS myTempTable(myXmlColumn);But with bigger files (i tried a > 1 GB ...Read more

Import XML in Google Spreadsheet - Xpath - Element contains text

I've been fiddling for several hours to find a solution to scrapa data of about 1000 products in Google Spreadsheet.Here's a sample of the source code:<dl class="attributes"><dt class="attr-title">Toepassing:</dt><dd class="attr-value">Reistas</dd><dt class="attr-title">Doel:</dt><dd class="attr-value">Reizen</dd><dt class="attr-title">Volume:</dt><dd class="attr-value">25 l</dd><dt class="attr-title">Materiaal:</dt><dd class="attr-value">Polyester&l...Read more

VBA Wrong value from import xml file

From XML:<PartNumberList><PartNumber PartNumber="DTRxxxxxxxxxxx" Cost="0" Description="Test" Manual="No" Mass="0.216" MountedOnHarness="Yes" PN_Source="WH" PN_Status="OK" PN_Type="Contact" PN_Version="1" Quantity="1" UnitType="Unit" /></PartNumberList>I want to pull it DTRxxxxxxxxxxx out into the spreadsheet but every time excel give me last atribute "unit"This is my part of code from vba:Set xmlNodeListPin = xmldoc.SelectNodes("//ConnectiveDevice[@Tag='" & ForDTRFromTag & "']/PinList/Pin[@Tag='" & ForDTRFromPinTag...Read more

xml - Ways to get external data into own mongodb (different structures)?

I'm having an external Export of XML data which I want to have in my mongoDB. Because the data in the export doesnt fit my needs when it comes to the structure, I'd like to kind of "map" it.Exmaple of kind of the data structure I'm getting from the XML:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><ogr:FeatureCollection xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns:ogr="" xmlns:gml=""> <gml:boundedBy> <gml:Box> <gml...Read more

Is it possible to use DMEE tree for import and parsing xml file

I need to develop import of xml files with quite complicated structure into SAP.Earlier I used DMEE format trees for export xml and it was quite easy and flexibly. And since this is called "Data Medium Exchange Engine", so I thought that this could be used in both directions, that is, for import too. But I can't find any docs or examples of how to do it.I've read the topicParsing XML within SAP ABAPbut before I follow it I just want to be sure that DMEE is really useless for import....Read more

How to import data from XML to PDF Form using Delphi ?

I have a PDF File filled with text, arrays, images etc.. but also with textfields.I would like to know if and how is it possible to import a correctly formatted XML File in order to fill these textfields such as Name, Surname, Address...I simply want to do something like this action from the menu in Acrobat Reader : Edition- Form options - Import data but using Delphi programming.I presume that I will need to open the PDF and use a function to parse the XML file in order to fill the form but for now I didn't find any good advice on the web exp...Read more