xbox360 - Get a users Xbox Achievements list?

Is there a way to get a user's achievements list from Xbox without dealing with screen scraping etc.?How do sites like do it? (they're definitely not screen scraping as they do not have my Live ID credentials...)I know there's the Xbox LIVE Community Developer Program (XCDP) that provides some API but they do not provide achievements information as far as I can tell (links below) more

xbox360 - QuickStart on Xbox 360 application development

Everywhere I found the buzz about Xbox 360 games. However I want to know how I can develop normal application for xbox 360. Mostly silverlight based. Also I am not sure what this homebrew stuff is all about? What language I need to use for Xbox 360 application development? From where / how can I get the SDK? On App Hub all buzz is about windows phone. There is not much information on Xbox? Why is it so?...Read more

xbox360 - Is "indie" app development for Xbox 360 possible?

Microsoft has introduced App Hub as a publishing portal for WP7 and Xbox 360. However, for the Xbox 360, there only seems to be support for adding and Xbox Live Indie Game project. Given the recent introduction of apps and the app marketplace on Xbox 360 I would expect the option of creating apps as well.Is it possible, or will it be possible, to create and publish apps for the Xbox 360 without a full-on professional Xbox development partnership with Microsoft?...Read more

xbox360 - XBox 360 Wireless Controller not working with Kodi / XBMC

System:Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (kernel: 3.13.0-45-generic)Kodi (14.2-BETA1 Git:2259d0b). Platform: Linux x86 64-bitOriginal XBOX 360 wireless controller with Xbox 360 USB Wireless AdapterWhat I did:Install ubuntu-xboxdrv:sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:rael-gc/ubuntu-xboxdrvsudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install ubuntu-xboxdrvTested if it works with:jstest: YESsdl-jstest: YESretroarch and mupen64plus playing N64 Mario Kart: YESKodi: NOOOO ????I enabled extensive logging for kodi and uploaded a logfile here: (until 20. M...Read more

xbox360 - Error 1 An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property

Hey Guys I've Been Looking For An Answer To "Error 1 A field initializer cannot reference the non-static field, method, or property" For Awhile Now Wondering if someone can help me solve this IXboxConsole Jtag; private static uint HalSSMCM = Jtag.ResolveFunction("xboxkrnl.exe", 0x29); // Line With The Problem ^ public uint clientIndex; public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); }...Read more

xbox360 - Confused with PowerPC's Registers's Value(s)?

So, I've been going along learning PowerPC for simple reversing projects for Xbox, but I always get tangled up on things like this. lwz r11, 0(r29) # Loads 0x34 from 0x10710 and stores in r11 lwz r10, 4(r29) # Loads 0x64 from 0x10714 and stores in r10 addi r11, r11, 0x7F # r11 = 0x34 + 0x7F = r11 = 0xE3 clrrwi r10, r10, 7 # r10 = r10 (0x64) + 0xFFFFFF80 clrrwi r31, r11, 7 # r31 = r11 (0xE3) & 0xFFFFFF80Anyways, what I'm having trouble understanding is the last two lines. How could a register hav...Read more

xbox360 - Develop Xbox 360 Apps

I have been asked to develop an Xbox 360 app. Not a game but an application like Netflix, Youtube or Muzu... I find it realy hard to find any information on app development for the Xbox console. Can anybody give me some advice? I know that the XDK allows game development in native C++ but is it suitable for creating apps as well? Is there any information on the submission process and policies for Xbox 360 apps?...Read more

xbox360 - XBox 360 Dashboard Plugins

Is it possible to create plug ins for the Xbox 360 dashboard?I was looking to turn the 360 into the hub for the family. So you could for example turn the xbox on, and there on the dashboard see all the families calendars merged, todo lists, grocery lists, birthdays etc.I can't see anybody talking about plugins for the dashboard around the net so I'm guessing you can't, but thought I'd check. Next option will be something like a net top running in the family room, but that means 2 devices then, one for gaming and one for the family functions...Read more

xbox360 - Tools & Environment for Professional Xbox 360 development?

just a general query. I've tried to research the tools and environment used for professional 360 development but there's not much available that isn't covered by NDAs.(Please note that I'm not interested in XNA development.)Q. What is the preferred/most-common dev environment for PRO development? Is it Visual Studio 2010? Or does the SDK provide a specific IDE and compiler/linker/build chain for the 360?Q. What are the core frameworks provided through the SDK? A custom version of DX9 for example? What else? Does the SDK or licensing provide...Read more

xbox360 - Skyrim Creation Kit with Xbox 360

I posted this on stackoverflow but was advised to post here (here is a link to the stackoverflow question). I'm hoping for constructive feedback on its plausibility.Update on progress: It looks like there are ways to stuff files back onto the console (horizon, modio, xplorer360, etc) and they do require some form of signing.As of now, though, I've had no luck. I was hoping I could get away with just placing the ".esp" into the directory containing marketplace downloads for Skyrim, along with the signed ".bsa" file (basically a zipped up file co...Read more