Raspberry pi omxplayer wrapper + Gpio

Omxplayer crashes after pushbuttons I like to change movies with pushbuttons and this is code that I have so far but Omxplayer crashes after few pushbutton are push!I am new to raspberry pi and python been looking for a fix but cannot find any. Any help is welcome.The error I get is:Traceback (most recent call last): File "mygpio.py", line 34, in <module> player.load(vida) File "build/bdist.linux-armv7l/egg/omxplayer/player.py", line 162, in load File "build/bdist.linux-armv7l/egg/omxplayer/player.py", line 88, in _load_source File...Read more

wrapper - tcl: wrap a proc of the same name

I want to replace the definition of "proc N" with a proc of the same name and calling conventions, but with a little extra error detection code.In python I could do what I want like below, but I don't have any grasp of how namespaces and function handles work in tcl.__orig_N = Ndef N(arg1, arg2): if arg1 != 'GOOD VALUE': exit('arg1 is bad') return __orig_N(arg1, arg2)...Read more

fix protocol - Open source wrapper library for all major brokers for submitting orders and getting prices?

Is there a single open source library which contains API calls for each brokers to do common functionalities like, get price ticks, submit orders? for ex)buy("MSFT",33); //will send buy order to Interactive Brokers, MBtrade etc.Basically I am looking to run some algorithm trades to multiple brokers.Is there an existing solution out there?paid ones would be okay too.preferably Java or cross-platform support....Read more

wrapper - JSLint4Java usage

JSLint4Java is a Java wrapper for JSLint. I need something like this for use in my GWT project, but the only way to use JSLint4Java seems to be from command line or with an ANT task. Does anyone know if there is any way to just import the JARs and use them in a project? When I try adding them to the GWT WAR folder, I get lots of errors like 'xxx cannot be resolved to a type'.Thanks....Read more

Change Shortcode wrapper in Woocommerce

I'm using Wordpress 3.8 + Woocommerce 2.0I need to change the class of the wrapper that Woocommerce generate when I use a shortcode.I use this shortcode: [recent_products per_page="12"]And the output is:<div class="woocommerce"> the_product_loop....</div>I want to obtain<div class="MYCUSTOMCLASS"> the_product_loop....</div>But I can't find where I have to change the code...In class-wc-shortcodes.php file I've found the declaration of the function that generates the wrapper:public static function shortcode_wrapper( ...Read more

Can I write a generic function-wrapping function for a Wrapper interface representing a type that wraps some other type?

The full code example below (which successfully compiles) is a simplified and slightly contrived example of my problem.NatPair is a pair of Nats, and I want to "lift" the binaryNum operations to NatPair pointwise, using the function lift_binary_op_to_pair.But I can't implement Num NatPair because NatPair is not a data constructor.So, I wrap it in a type WrappedNatPair, and I can provide a Num implementation for that type, with corresponding 'lifted' versions of + and *.Then I want to generalise the idea of a wrapper type, with my Wrapper interf...Read more

child process - A D wrapper around a C function

Any problems with this D wrapper around libcomcom_run_command() C function from C library libcomcom?Does it work as expected? Is it idiomatic? Is it the right way to do this?module libcomcom_wrapper;import std.string;import std.algorithm.iteration : map;import std.array : array;import std.exception : ErrnoException;import libcomcom;string runCommand(string file, string[] argv, string[] envp, string input, int timeout = -1) { const(char*) output; size_t output_len; const char*[] childArgv = map!(s => s.toStringz)(argv).array; cons...Read more

sh - Wrapper scripts with quoted arguments

I have a few python scripts, and for various reasons, I have shell script wrapper around them:#!/bin/shsource env.shpython $0.py $@This works fine, unless the arguments needs to be quoted. In this case, of course, the wrapper, eats the quotes, and gives the un-quoted version to the python script. So, my first question is "How can I get sh to not eat the quotes?"However, even if I back-slash the quotes, it doesn't work. I print out the entire command I'm about to call: source env.sh echo "python $0.py $@" python $0.py $@If I call it with foo \...Read more

Vulkan C++ Wrapper

I know OpenCL has C++ wrappers that wrap the corresponding clRetain and clRelease calls in their constructors and destructors that it inherits from detail::Wrapper<T> template. (http://github.khronos.org/OpenCL-CLHPP/classcl_1_1detail_1_1_wrapper.html)Im wondering if Vulkan has the same/ similar c++ wrapper available....Read more

how to write c wrapper around c++ code to expose class methods

I have number of cpp files in unmanaged c++ , I want to access class methods of these files from vb .net using P\Invoke, For that i have write C wrapper for exposing class methods.Can anybody help me ,how to write a c wrapper around C++ code. I am copying some code of my files ,please help me writting c wrapper for these function.#include "StdAfx.h"#include "Verify.h"Verify::Verify(void) :_verified(false){}Verify::~Verify(void){}void Verify::SetVerified(bool value){ _verified = value;}bool Verify::GetVerified(void) const{ _verified...Read more

ApacheDS startup, wrapper nod found

I am hoping the group can help me. I have been using ApacheDS for development purposes for about 6 months and I am really happy with it. No problem running on Ubuntu linux on my laptop.I recently started to create my production environment for the LDAP server. The production server is running in Atlantic.net Cloud environment on a dedicated server. I did the install of DS with no problems. But when I try to start DS I get the following error:/opt/apacheds-2.0.0-M10/bin/apacheds: 1: eval: /opt/apacheds-2.0.0-M10/bin/wrapper: not foundthe wrapper...Read more

wrapper - JavaServiceWrapper:Application not waiting to shutdown

I have an application that spawns worker threads and process files in the the worker threads. On application shutdown request, I want the application to shutdown only when the worker thread has finished processing the current file (if it is processing a file). I am using JavaServiceWarapper to manage my application.I have added shutdown hooks that informs the worker thread not to start processing a new file when it gets a shutdown request.Processing a file never takes more than 30 seconds and I have set the time outs to 60 seconds, just to be o...Read more