world of warcraft - Were Pandaria, Broken Isles, Northrend, Kul'Tiras and Zandalar also affected by the Cataclysm?

I was wondering if Pandaria, Broken Isles, Northrend, Kul'Tiras and Zandalar were also affected by the cataclysm.When questing through these places, I did not notice one of the NPCs say something about strange things happening over the last years, the earth shaking or anything.So my question would be:Were these places affected by the cataclysm?if not, why not?...Read more

What is the nearest World of Warcraft Server to the Philippines/Singapore?

I have been playing world of warcraft for a long time, I remember the Oceanic servers being around 300ms still when I was playing a couple of years ago. Right now I play around 200-250ms in Frostmourne, but this is still very high. I Ideally I want to play at around 80ms to at most 100ms else I will not even bother thinking about topping in PvP. I was able to reach around 2200-2400 rating back in the day in Gundrak at around 300ms, but at higher levels every millisecond counts and it's only a matter of time I hit a brick wall and lose to very g...Read more

world of warcraft - As of patch 8.1.5, how old is Thrall (Go'el)?

On the 15th of may, 2019, Blizzard released their cinematic called Safe haven. This video shows Thrall and how he is living away from all the conflict that is happening on Azeroth. It also shows us something that made me want to ask this question : he is starting to get some grey hairs.I started to dig into it on WoWpedia, then on WoWwiki, then on WoWhead until I figured that none of them seems to have the answer to this simple question.How old is Thrall (Go'el)?...Read more

world of warcraft - In WoW, how can I (via native features or add-ons) toggle between multiple spell bar configurations?

I've set up (with BarTender4 and Elvui) a PVP action bar configuration like this, with the macros and spells configured the best way for my preferences, where I can cast 32 spells using the 1-12 number keys on my mouse with the addition of ctrl or alt, like so:I love this, I want to keep it this way. But some of these spells are not good for raids, some could be removed, some added. The macros behind most of the spells (hence the duplicates here, some of the macros triggering the spells behave in different ways) are perfect for PVP but not for ...Read more

world of warcraft - Does it matter what I name the ship?

When unlocking the Kul Tiran allied race, Jaina asks you to name a ship, out of four options. The game tells you the choice is permanent, and it's what the ship is called from there on out. Other than being, well, the name of the ship that comes up every time you are on/near it, does this affect anything else? Does my name choice matter beyond a simple name?...Read more

world of warcraft - Why some Azerite powered gear cannot be sold to vendors?

The title pretty much says it. I've got some items dropped by elite mobs (those that appear with a big star on the mini map), which are Rare and have Azerite powers, but are lower item level than what I have currently equipped. Some of them can be sold to vendors for gold, some of them are marked with "No sell price". Why is that? Am I missing something if I simply delete those items? Should I keep them?...Read more

How to preserve energy in World of Warcraft

I have a level 13 (as we speak, though I'm playing as him quite often) Night Elf Monk with 369 health and 100 energy. My moves drain my energy fast, particularly my Tiger Palm, which costs a whopping 50 energy. Are there any certain combo moves that help my energy preserve throughout the course of a fight with a similar leveled mob/boss?...Read more