work life balance - How do I deal with my family which doesn't respect science and math while I am doing a double science and math major?

How do I deal with two parents who don't see the utility of science and mathematics while pursuing an education in science and math (while depending on their income to fund my tuition?). They come from a blue-collar background and don't think learning arcane symbols has anything to do with innovation or make big bucks in today's world.My parents wish for me to go off to the industry ASAP or do some freelance or make an app that get them rich quick. I want to pursuit further education beyond that of a bachelor degree.In the summertime I am prepa...Read more

feedback - How to balance trying hard in a Master's program with stress of working too hard and not having a life?

I have a nice problem but it's making me miserable. My background is in visual communication and I'm used to getting regular feedback as well as seeing what my classmates are up to. Also, the grades we would get back then didn't really matter but the quality of the work was what would land us a job later so I'm always concerned with the quality of what I'm doing. Also, this sometimes makes me feel like I'm starting with a handicap as I'm not used to writing papers and English is not my first language.Ever since I joined a Master's program in a ...Read more

work life balance - New Mandatory Off Hours Check-in

Without any explanation, and with only a weekend's worth of notice, a new early morning check-in was placed on my schedule, basically, as soon as I wake up I'm expected to check for any new requests that came in overnight on weekdays, and I check once on the weekends. The second day into this new schedule, I was given an explanation and told that I could leave a half-hour early on Fridays, or earlier if I had to deal with any urgent requests immediately on seeing them.This has raised many issues regarding overtime, scheduling, and work-life bal...Read more

telecommute - How do you separate or integrate your work and home life when telecommuting?

I recently started a job where I can telecommute 1 day a week, and the hours are fairly flexible as long as you are being productive and getting your time in. I find I'm as productive if not more so at home, but on some days I'm tending to do home chores and errands more during the day and then getting the rest of the time in at night after the kids are asleep. I wonder how sustainable that kind of work/home integration is in the long run? I need to not only manage how effective I am at my job, but also manage that I look like I'm effective. ...Read more

work life balance - What to do when your company consider estimates are part of your KPI?

I’m a software developer working for a finance firm of about 50 employees, 15 of which developers.I joined the company less than one year ago on a contract. I’ve recently been praised for my performance, promoted to a senior role, given a permanent position.When I joined the company I was working in the R&D department. The project I worked on was delivered on time and under budget. In developing the project I was given a lot of freedom, so I tried to develop it from scratch following the best practices I knew from my software engineering bo...Read more

work life balance - Staying longer in the office pressure

Recently I've moved to Spain and started with a new job last week. In my home country, I would work 8 hours a day with a 30 - 60 min lunch break, and couple of short 10min breaks to relax the mind (Normally we would play FIFA or table tennis). If I got in the office at 9:00, I would leave at 17:00. Here in Spain, I've been coming to the office at around 8:30. I was expecting to finish and go home by 16:30, but people who came before me were still in the office, therefore I didn't want to leave first. Sometimes I would leave at 17:30 (Which mak...Read more

work life balance - How can I find meaning in 40 hr/week job

I've been a full-time software developer for the past 3 years, since graduating with a Computer Science degree. I initially had a lot of passion for this field - I used to spend my free time writing all kinds of things (artificial intelligence for various board games, a ray-tracing 3d renderer, mods for various computer games, etc...), a passion which grew the more I learned. I loved knowing this stuff. The thing is, I was home-schooled before university and I would often be free by noon (okay, criticize my grade-school education if you want, I...Read more

india - I work extended hours regularly but HR wants me in office during standard working hours

I recently started my career in a small firm as a software developer. During the freshers' onboarding process, the HR told me that the standard working hours would be 9:30 to 18:00 (8.5 hours). As I started working on the project, it became necessary to extend my working time from 8.5 hours to 10, or even 11, hours. The manager asked for it as we had limited time to deliver the project. I wasn't concerned about the extended working hours (without any allowance) as the project was interesting and I could learn a lot about the domain. Due to the ...Read more

work life balance - Going from full time to part time to spend more time with spouse

I have worked full time with current position for almost 10 years. Due to a change in my husband's work schedule, he will be unable to return home on the weekends (he works in another city and is only home on weekends).I would like to cut back to a 3 days a week schedule so that I can go to where he is and spend time with him.This comes up at the start of our busy season at work and my boss is NOT going to be happy with my decision.What is the best way to approach this with her? I want to stay on a 3 day a week schedule would be ideal....Read more

work life balance - How do I ask to transition from full time to permanent part time instead of retirement?

I'm a software developer and I really like my job. I mean I really really really like my job. I have a great work environment, I work on creative projects, I work the standard full-time gig: 40-50 hours per week, 3 weeks vacation, sick time, the usual benefits. I'm based in the USA.The thing is, I'm in my early 60s and I'm starting to think about retirement. I enjoy the work but I want to spend more time working on other interests and aspects of my remaining life. But I still want to work for the same employer.I figure if I could work 3 days...Read more

How can I deal with a coworker who does a large portion of my assigned work during weekends?

My tech lead consistently works late nights and weekends.He often uses this time to complete tasks that I had either planned on starting soon or had already begun, leaving very little for me to work on.This is hugely demotivating for me, as I know if I don't complete something he'll just do it, but I can't figure out how to tell that to my boss. Should I bring it up?Edit for more details: There is one other member of our team. There was another, but he recently switched teams. I suspect his issue was the same as mine: there simply isn't enough ...Read more

germany - How to convince managers to let me work less hours for the same pay

I am working as a software engineer / developer. Mostly I do requirements engineering, implementation of said requirements, some testing and support and the like. I have somewhat responsibility for our interns (but only in a technical sense, not managerial) and our overseas department of developers - again, only technical, not managerial.I have my annual meeting coming up to talk about my performance, projects, problems, salary and the like.One important thing for me is that, although I really love my work and the company, I don't want to work ...Read more

work life balance - How to break the cycle of being a "load bearing employee" because of no time to cross-train others because of constant deadlines?

Edit: I considered this question (How to protest a deadline that is too short?) as a suggested duplicate, but in my situation there is no realistic way to 'protest' a deadline, since there's no real way for it to be moved. Logical arguments to project managers etc don't change contracts or regulatory requirements. Another edit - It's different from "bus number = 1" (in the suggested duplicate question "getting hit by a bus" in that there are people available to delegate to ( who don't currently have their own workload, they are just waiting aro...Read more

How to address an "improved work/life balance" policy that penalizes those who don't have children?

I have met a few employers lauding their work/life balance policy to help people with a family to balance their work/life. Managers are giving these employees the flexibility to attend to family matters.Personally, I think it's great. I think many of the social problems we are currently having are directly or indirectly caused by parents not being there for their kids. I agree that having great work/life balance is for the good of the society and employee retention/engagement.But, at the same time, it seems that for those who have decided not t...Read more