wordpress - custom column for custom post type

I have this code below to create a custom post type.function custom_post_type() { register_post_type('multi-step-form', array( 'supports' => array('title'), 'public' => false, 'show_ui' => true, 'labels' => array( 'name' => 'Multi-Step Forms', 'add_new_item' => 'Add New Multi-Step Form', 'edit_item' => 'Edit Multi-Step Form', 'all_items' => 'All Multi-Step Forms', 'singular_name' => 'Multi-Step Form' ), 'menu_icon' => 'dashicons-universal-access-alt', )); ...Read more

wordpress - Import attributes using CSV with woocommerce

I am importing bulk products via Woocommerce using a .csv file.Everything works as it should apart from the attribute I am trying to upload.I am uploading the brand name as an attribute. I currently have the following on my .csv:Header = attribute:brandValue = "brand name"I am not sure if this correct, but even if it is, I'm unsure which fields to map them to?Thanks in advance....Read more

wordpress - amazon native shopping ads vs adblock

On my Wordpress site which is affiliating with Amazon associate, i have many native shopping ads for products, that normally displays the products pictures with their names and the prices.Lately, i activated ublock origin on my browser, then i realized there is only a white space in place of the products, at first i thought it was only due to slow internet, then i said maybe it is the cache so i deleted the cache, but nothing changes .... it took me a while to realize that ublock is killing all my native shopping ads. which means this was going...Read more

wordpress - WooCommerce filter

I've updated WooCommerce to the latest 3.3 version. Everything went well, except I have one little issue and I can't seem to solve it.At the checkout page, I created several custom input fields. Also I changed the label of some field. All modification is done in functions.php.Oke, I have a field (billing_address_1) and changed the label of that field so it is called "straat" (dutch for street).This was working in WooCommerce 3.0.0, but not in 3.3.Here's my code:add_filter( 'woocommerce_checkout_fields' , 'custom_override_checkout_fields' );// O...Read more

performance - Very slow "portfolio" section of Wordpress

A client of mine is adding content to his Wordpress. The site is www.airsolid.ca.He uses "portfolios" to add his different boat models. All seems fine except when we click "all boat models" in the section where it lists all items, it takes up to 30 seconds to load.Here is the direct link to the section:http://www.airsolid.ca/bateaux/Any idea on what I could change to make it load under 3-5 seconds? I have a feeling it loads all images at once... and since there are many, it takes way too much time. Ironically, he doesn't even want the images to...Read more

Menu mobile Wordpress it's under the home

I'm setting up a site with wordpress, the mobile side gives me a problem the menu, when I try to open it it remains under the home page, what can I do?The site is: www.francescoscagliola.it Connect with a phone to take a look and see the problem from the menu.I hope you can help me, thanks in advance....Read more

Wordpress toggle menu is not functioning

Currently working on http://getfitquick.co.uk/ but have come into an issue, when the menu is viewed on Tablets/Mobile the menu is currently active with the toggle constantly on, would really like to remove this so that the user is able to click menu and allow the menu to appear as opposed to it always being active.Would also like to mention for reference that on http://getfitquick.co.uk/shop/ the menu is actually appearing how I want it to, however I am a bit unsure how I did this,Is there anything anyone could suggest? Maybe something I may ha...Read more

WordPress menu click

I have a website http://buluttextile.uz/. When the size is less than 768px when you press the button the menu opens and quickly disappears. Why does not he stay? Can someone help me? The site is created on Wordpress. Several plug-ins have been installed: Meta Slider, NextGEN Gallery, Huge IT Slider, Tabs Responsive....Read more

Add smooth transition effect on menu toggle (Twenty Fourteen WordPress Theme)

I'm using the WordPress twenty fourteen theme. Whenever the browser is re-sized to mobile view, automatically, the menu toggles up. So you have to click the toggle menu and the menu should slide down. I want to make a smooth slide down transition to the menu whenever I click the menu toggle. By default the theme don't have any transition effect. I inserted some transition effect but it doesn't work. Is it possible for me to do it by CSS only? If yes how? Do I need to work with the jQuery to solve this problem. I am working with this website htt...Read more

How to bulk redirect URLs in wordpress site?

All my webpage URLs are structured as https://example.com/post-name/ in my wordpress website. I'd like to include category in URLs using permalink so all URLs will be look like https://example.com/category/post-name/. This will be a big threat for my SEO. Is there a way to bulk redirect all my https://example.com/post-name/ URLs to https://example.com/category/post-name/?...Read more

display - Show METABOX wordpress

I've created custom meta box but I'm having issue when I want to display them on the actual post. Link: https://mega.nz/#!W4BkTbgK!OSY0VVgknjNb6dM62RAls9lNuKCAegtu4xghUy5NSBsI've tried a lot of things but it never worked. I just want to show the metabox on the post....Read more

wordpress - Pointing a domain name using an A Record to a Bitnami LAMP Module on AWS

I have Bitnami LAMP stack running on AWS. I have installed Wordpress in a folder called /wordpress/ using a downloaded Bitnami installer. It is visible publicly through the url: I have set up an A Record for a domain name to point to the IP address. The result is that the site now is visible through the URL: mydomain.com/wordpress/. Problem is that I want it to be visible via the url: mydomain.com (without the /wordpress/ folder).I have tried everything that I have found on the topic for 2 days and simply cannot solve t...Read more

amazon web services - AWS Cloudfront 504 when POST update with Wordpress

Cloudflare gives a 504 when we update our products on the wordpress backend, It works fine for Mutli-language pages but english (root) gives a 504 pretty much every time. The 1 time i got it to update it gave a 302. We go CF - ALB to EC2 server. All HTTPS and port 443.Example error: CF settings for wp-admin/* Everything worked well with CloudFlare since we moved CloudFront we have had this error....Read more

Openshift V3 Wordpress on free account - not enough storage

I host a Wordpress site on my Openshift 2 free account and need to migrate to 3 before 30th September before V2 is switched off. I have tried to create a wordpress site following this blog - https://blog.openshift.com/migrating-wordpress-openshift-3/ but have hit a road block --I add a sql database but cant make it smaller than 1 Gb. I then can't add persistent storage because it says I am using my storage limit. Therefore I can't have themes, plugins, images etc in persistent storage.Am I missing something or is it no longer possible to host W...Read more