word wrap - Draw2d: Containing RectangleFigure will sometimes cuts off text when zoomed. (Pictures included)

In my program I have a bunch of RectangleFigures where each figure holds text. The text is held in a TextFlow which is held by FlowPage to allow word wrapping. RectangleFigure then uses getPrefferedSize() to make itself just big enough to hold it's text (using a fixed width).These RectangleFigures are held by a ScalableLayeredPane. The problem rises when I try to zoom by calling setScale(). Most of the time it works fine but occasionally the ends of the text will be cut off. If I zoom again the figure will correct itself. I should also sa...Read more

Word wrap in gedit

I am using gedit & I have a very huge line and I am not able to see that complete line because gedit gets stucking.so, I wanted to do word wrapping in gedit.I searched but I didnt found word wrap option in gedit. How I can do wrapping in gedit?...Read more

word wrap - Good Dynamics: How can a third party create an IPA consumable by the Good Wrapping server?

We are an independent third party software developer. Our software is currently approved by Apple, and available for download from AppStore. Now we have a potential customer who has Good Dynamics setup (http://www.good.com) (with Good Wrapper, Control, Proxy servers etc.), and we're trying to figure out how our IPA can be made consumable with their Good Wrapper server. Reading the Good Dynamics' Guide to Application Wrapping, it's a little confusing. It states that we "need a ready-to-wrap iOS app (.ipa) build for enterprise or ad hoc distribut...Read more

word wrap - Pandoc: no line wrapping when converting to HTML

I am converting from Markdown to HTML like so:pandoc --columns=70 --mathjax -f markdown input.pdc -t html -Ss > out.htmlEverything works fine, except for the fact that the text doesn't get wrapped. I tried different columns lengths, no effect. Removed options, no go. Whatever I tried, the HTML just doesn't get wrapped. I search the bug tracker, but there don't seem to be any open bugs relating to this issue. I also checked the documentation, but as far as I could glean, the text ought be line-wrapped... So, have I stumbled into a bug?I'm usi...Read more

radrails - word wrap / line wrap option in Aptana Studio 3 Beta?

I have been searching for an hour and cannot seem to find any information whatsoever about a word wrap / line wrap option in the new Aptana Studio 3 Beta (aka RadRails 3 Beta). I can't find an option for it anywhere in the Preferences. The lack of a line wrap is killing my productivity. Can anyone shed some light on this please? I can't imagine that an open source project as high-profile as Aptana would lack such a generic and necessary option....Read more

Zebra ZPL wrap text

I have to print a variable text in a field block of a ZPL label.I would like to know if it is possibile to define block width and then automatically wrap text or if it is not possible and I have to manually add a new line char or split the text in two blocks....Read more

word wrap - Reformatting text (or, better, LaTeX) in 80 colums in SciTE

I recently dived into LaTeX, starting with the help of a WYSIWYM editor like Lix. Now I'm staring writing tex files in Sci-TE, It already has syntax higlighting and I adapted the tex.properties file to work in Windows showing a preview on Go [F5]One pretty thing Lyx does, and it's hard to acheive with a common text editor, is to format text in 80 columns: I can write a paragraph and hit Return each time I reach near the edge column but if, after the first draft, I want to add or cut some words here and there I end up breaking the layout and hav...Read more

perltk - Perl TK - Wrap text in an Entry widget

I created a table that contains a "Key" column, "Value" column and a "New Value" column as shown in the image below.The "Key" and "Value" columns are implemented as Labels, the "Value" column is wrapped as you can see.The "New Value" column is implemented as an Entry widget because it should be editable. There is a Copy & Paste button that copies the value to the "New Value" Entry field. I would like to wrap the text in the Entry widget, so after pressing the button it will look like the text in the "Value" field.Image that shows the table ...Read more

QML: Simple word wrap with TextEdit element?

I'm just a beginner to QML and I wanted to make a simple example, which contains just one Rectangle with a TextEdit element:import QtQuick 1.0Rectangle { width: 400; height: 400 color: "lightblue" TextEdit { x: 50; y: 100; width: 300; height: 300 text: "editable text editable text editable text editable text " font.family: "Helvetica"; font.pixelSize: 32 }}The idea here is to just have a few lines displayed that the user can change or add. I just would like it to display it as multiple word-wrapped lines instead...Read more

embedded gist file word-wrap

I've embedded a gist file on my webpage, and it contains some long lines of code which require quite a bit of horizontal scrolling to fully view.Is there some way to enable word wrap for embedded gist files, so that no horizontal scroll-bar will be present?...Read more