SharePoint 2013 word automation service is not working for more than 10000kb word document

I have used word automation service on farm solution to convert document to PDF.When I upload document less than 10,000 KB it's worked. Here is my VS code to convert doc to PDF byte[] result = spfile.OpenBinary(); try { if (spfile != null) { using (Stream read = spfile.OpenBinaryStream()) { using (MemoryStream write = new MemoryStream()) { if (Path.GetExtension(spfile.Name) == ".docx" || Path.GetExtension(spfile.Name) ...Read more

Word Automation Services Error while adding a job

I am getting a weird error in the UAT environment for the word automation services. I am getting the following errors in the logs while adding the jobs for conversion.SharePoint Foundation Topology 8077 Critical "There are no instances of the Word Automation Services started on any server in this farm. Ensure that at least oneinstance is started on an application server in the farm using the Services on Server page in Central Administration." Unknown Custom 0000 Unexpected "No endpoints were found for the service application. E...Read more

conversion - Is the converter between docx and pdf files in Sharepoint the same as the one in MS Word

The scenario: I edit a MS Word document via code, and then use Word Automation Services(SyncConverter more precisely) to convert it to pdf. Currently there is a problem on the server and the conversion fails(this will be fixed). Until it is fixed I must send the client an example of the result.What I do: I do my work with the Word document and then save it as a .docx file. No problem there. Then I open the file in MS Word 2013 and save it as .pdf.The question: Will the file I convert manually and the generated one be identical....Read more

Error while disable sandbox property for word automation services in sharepoint2010

i have execute below script for disabling sandbox property for word automation services.$sp = Get-SPServiceApplication | where {$_.TypeName.Equals("Word Automation Services")}$sp.DisableSandbox = $true$sp.Update()but getting below exception..How to disable sandbox property ?because using Word Automation Services not generating pdf documents from word documents.So i need to disable sandbox property..Any Solutions...?Thanks......Read more

SharePoint 2013 Word Automation Services on demand error code 10

I have been stuck on this issue for couple of days. In my development environment which is a standalone SharePoint enterprise, the following code works flawlessly:SyncConverter syncConv = new SyncConverter(“Word Automation Services”); syncConv.Settings.OutputFormat = SaveFormat.PDF;ConversionItemInfo convInfo = syncConv.Convert(inStream, outStream);In the staging environment, I get the following as soon as it reaches the "Convert". ErrorCode:10, ErrorMessage:The file could not be converted due to an intermittent error in the system. Please r...Read more

Word spell check runs slow on Word 2007/Vista

I have written a DLL that uses MS Word to spell check the content of a RichtextBox. The project uses Microsoft Word 11.0 Object Library. I have read that you can use that reference on machines using that version of Word or later, and that seem to be true. However ... When I run the dll in a test app on a machine with Windows Vista and Word 2007 then it runs very slow. Does the Word Object Library for the 2007 version differ in any way that makes it really slow during automation? Or is it some kind of re-interpetation at runtime that makes it be...Read more