Pass property file in WinRun4J

I am trying to translate a .bat file to a INI file so that I can use WinRun4J to launch a small JAVA app as a service.Working from the demo that ships with the download, the web page and a few samples that have posted I've come up with an .ini file that reads TerrainServer terrainserverterrainserver.description=Pegasus Terrain Serviceclasspath.1=*.jarclasspath.2=*.ziparg....Read more

WinRun4J - service not stopping

I'm using this to install my application as a windows service. Everything works fine except the service does not stop;@Overridepublic int serviceMain(String[] strings) throws ServiceException { try { System.out.println("BootService: init"); System.out.println("BootService: service loop start"); while (ws.isServiceRunning()) { System.out.println("BootService: loop"); ws.serviceHandler(); } System.out.println("BootService: stopped"); return 0; } catch...Read more

trying to use log4j.xml file within WinRun4j

has anyone tried to use a log4j.xml reference within a WinRun4j service configuration. here is a copy of my service.ini file. I have tried many configuration combinations. this is just my latest Backnet IP DataTransfer Serviceservice.description=This is the service for the Simple Backnet IP DataTransfer.service.startup=autoclasspath.1=C:\Inbox\DataTransferClient-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jarclasspath.2=WinRun4J.jarclasspath.3=C:\...Read more

How to fill ini file for creating exe for Java app with libs (WinRun4J)

"MyApp" folder has now the following structure:- MyApp - lib - MyLib.jar - MyApp.jarMyApp.jar has a manifest with Class-Path: lib/MyLib.jarI want to add MyApp.exe file to "MyApp" folder. So I put all files required to create exe via WinRun4J to "MyApp" folder. Then I run bat file as described here. That gives me exe file with a proper icon but all I see when I run it is a splash screen. Where am i wrong? My ini file content:main.class=my.main.classclasspath.1=lib/MyLib.jarsplash.image=SplashScreen.gif...Read more