x11 - X-server for Windows CE

I'm trying to run an app from a remote X session (Ubuntu, 9.04) on a handheld device powered by Windows Mobile. I want to do this by running an X-server of some description on the mobile device and using SSH/PocketPuTTY or similar for a tunnel, as you'd do it on a standard PC/Mac.Can anyone point me in the direction of some X servers for Windows Mobile, if they exist?...Read more

windows mobile - How do I configure WinCE to use wildcard SSL certificates?

Our Windows CE 5.0 application has a problem with our wildcard SSL certificate (*.domain.com) - it won't accept it as valid.I understand that Windows Mobile 6.0 has support for wildcard certificates (earlier versions don't) and that is built on WinCE 5 which suggests it should be possible to change WinCE 5 to accept wildcard certificates (EDIT - apparently this shows my limited understanding of the environment and isn't a valid presumption!).Can anyone suggest how we go about this? The change needs to be programmatic so that we can roll it out ...Read more

windows mobile - Cannot cradle after connecting to emulator on Win 10

I want to connect a Windows Mobile 6.5 Emulator with the Windows Mobile Device Manager. After I start the Device Emulator Manager as stand alone, I select a emulator and right click it and connect to the emulator. The Emulator will start as expected and everything is fine. So far... Usually I can cradle with right clicking on the emulator in the Device Emulator Manager, but after doing so, every possible option is displayed grey and is not clickable. The mouse cursor is a spinning circle. This spinning circle will be there for ever and there is...Read more

device - How to connect a Windows Mobile PDA to Windows 10

Does anyone know how I can get a Windows Mobile 6.5 PDA to connect up to a Windows 10 PC?Before upgrading the PC from Window 8.1 I was able to use Windows Mobile Device Center to link up to the PDA over USB. This allowed me to access files on the PDA via Windows Explorer, access the internet from the PDA over our network and deploy to the PDA via Visual Studio 2008.I had to uninstall Windows Mobile Device Center as part of the Windows 10 installation, as it was flagged as incompatible with Windows 10. I can't seem to find an alternative for Win...Read more

sql server ce - Slow SQL Sync with Microsoft Sync Framework on Mobile Client

we are developing an application which uses MS Sync Framework to sync data between Windows CE 6.0 with SQL CE 3.5 SP1 Clients and an SQL 2008 Database. Our major problem is a slow sync time up to 1 minute for 15 tables which are totally empty.Here's a break down of our components:Server:Sql Server 200815 tables with activated change trackingWCF Service with endpoint for the mobile sync (uses Sync Framework 2.0)Client (Mobile)Windows CE 6.0NET Application using Sync Framework for Devices (CTP 1) which starts the syncAs I mentioned above, the syn...Read more

Upload files with HTTPWebrequest (multipart/form-data) for Windows Mobile

Want to do similar as link below but in Windows Mobile ..Upload files with HTTPWebrequest (multipart/form-data)Can any one help???Content from the link above:Is there any class, library or some piece of code which will help me to upload files with HTTPWebrequest?Edit 2:I do not want to upload to a WebDAV folder or something like that. I want to simulate a browser, so just like you upload your avatar to a forum or upload a file via form in a web application. Upload to a form which uses a multipart/form-data.Edit:WebClient is not cover my require...Read more

compact framework - Windows Mobile Memory Leak Issue

All,I currently have a phone from a customer who experienced various issue while running our windows mobile application. This issue is that the phone eventually resets completely while running the application. I have this in house to do some testing and I haven't experienced the reset, but I do notice that program memory is dropping significantly while running through the forms. We do have a slight memory leak in out application that we have been trying to narrow down, but nothing to this magnitude.Eventually the application just drops out of p...Read more

Using Subsonic 2.2 on Windows Mobile 5 with SQL Server CE 3.5

I have seen comments stating that Subsonic currently does nt support MS SQL Server CE (SubSonic and MS SQL Server Compact - Data Provider). The link provided is for Subsonic 3.So my question is, does Subsonic 2.2 support MS SQL Server CE? And if so, is there any documentation on how to use sonic.exe to generate Subsonic's classes and controllers from the database file?...Read more

compact framework - Windows Mobile Wi-Fi works for IE but not my app (SocketException)

I've been trying to add Wi-Fi connectivity to my Windows Mobile 6.1 .NET CE 3.5 application but can't figure out why I get the following SocketException: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respondat System.Net.Sockets.Socket.ConnectNoCheck(EndPoint remoteEP) at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Connect(EndPoint remoteEP) at System.Net.Connection.doConnect(IPEndPoint ep) at System.Net.Connection.connect(Object...Read more

Data Abort exceptions on Windows Mobile platform with USB based NIC and ActiveSync

i'm working on USB to ethernet device on both WinCE and Windows Mobile 6.5 platforms.I have connected the USB based NIC to my windows CE craddle which has WinCE 5.0 installed on it.I don't have any problem using this NIC on WinCE5.0.But when i connected the same NIC in the craddle which has got WIndows Mobile 6.5 installed on it i got this data abort problems!whenever i try to plg/unplug ActiveSync cable some couple of times to the pc i'm getting the "Data Abort" error frequently.some times the error could be "Prefetch abort" and "Undefined ins...Read more

compact framework - Programmatically enable ClearType in Windows Mobile

For our Windows Mobile application I want to enable the ClearType option on the device. According to this article on MSDN it should be done be setting the following registry key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\CleartypeBut nothing happens after setting this particular key. Even a soft reset does not enable it, but simply gets rid of the registry key I just created.Strange thing is that when I set it manually using Settings->System->Screen->ClearType it works immediately. And comparing the registry exports before and after changing the setting sho...Read more

windows mobile - get state of modifier keys (orange, blue, shift) on MC91 and MC92

We develop an application which runs full screen so the modifier indicators are not visible.So I now need a solution to update icons we put on the display with the state of orange, blue and shift.The fun part is this solution should work on Omnii XT 10, Omnii XT 15, MC65, WAP 3, WAP 4, MC91 and MC92 in WinMobile 6.0 and 6.5 and CE6.I got a solution for the Psion devices using the Mobile Devices SDK V8.0_8.42743. It will force me to copy different DLLs on to the devices depending on the OS but at least it works well then.On the MC65 I get it to ...Read more

windows mobile - Motorola HandHeld Terminal MC75A does not Respond

I'm developing some project with Motorola MC75A. But I have some problem. I added barcode control to page and EnableScanner properties=false.When I change barcode's properties EnableScanner=True and run the project, app doesn't respond.Therefore I change EnableScanner=True to False.I decide change this properties on codebehind. In Page_Activated Event EnableScanner=True, in Page_Deactivate EnableScanner=False.Still my app doesn't respond on this page. What is the problem here ?...Read more