WindowBuilder Custom Look and Feel Not Previewing

Using Eclipse Neon which comes pre-packaged with WindowBuilder V 1.8.0. The Add > New and browsing to the custom look and feel .jar file that contains the Look And Feel code works well. But when this custom Look and Feel is previewed, the preview comes up blank for all gui elements such as button, checkboxes, labels , etc....Read more

windowbuilder - Selecting a date on JCalendar to create a dialog box

I am working on a project that uses an interactive calendar. I intended for the user to click a date on the JCalendar, and if an event took place on that day then a pop-up would display, telling the user what event took place. If there was no event on that day, a pop-up would display telling the user that there was no event that day. How would I register this interaction with the JCalendar, and turn this interaction into a dialog box on the screen?...Read more