willow - How does the Dust of Broken Hearts choose its love target?

In Willow, one of the brownies (Franjean) carries a bag of Dust of Broken Hearts. Whoever inhales it can expect to soon madly fall in love with... who, exactly?When Rool the brownie inhaled it, he fell in love with a cat (different species, unclear gender). That was literally seconds after Rool inhaled the dust, and seemed to be literally the first person he saw ;When Madmartigan inhaled it, he fell in love with Sorsha (same species, opposite gender), but that was after a few minutes during which he also laid eyes on the brownies, Willow, and E...Read more

Was Willow's first magic display (blazing arrow through arm) actual magic, and if not, what's the trick?

At the beginning of Willow, before the wizard chooses his apprentice for the year, Willow participates in a Nelwyn fair where he demonstrates two magic tricks:pushing a blazing arrow through a cylinder he wears on his arm (so supposedly, the burning arrow goes through his arm as well) while staying unscathed;making a piglet disappear.The piglet's disappearance is quickly shown to be some sleight-of-hand trick (the piglet was under the stage), which implies the arrow thing was a setup as well....Read more