wfp - WinDivert: redirect to proxy listening on loopback interface only

trying to implement transparent proxy same way as in this post, but I have a "proxy" listening only on loopback interface. Once I set DstAddr to loopback, 2nd packet of TCP handshake never received...iphdr->DstAddr = htonl(INADDR_LOOPBACK);tcphdr->DstPort = ProxyPort;addr->Direction = WINDIVERT_DIRECTION_INBOUND;...but it works if DstAddr = address_of_network_interface_packet_captured_from.Also tried to alter addr: addr->IfIdx = 1; addr->SubIfIdx = 0;without any effect.Is there a way to implement such a configuration?...Read more

Appropriate Windows Hardware Lab Kit Selections in Device manager for a WFP driver

What device manager selections in Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) I should use for setting up WHQL for a windows filtering platform driver?When I build my project in HLK I see many options in the Select (device manager) section and I'm unsure of how to proceed. Am I missing some additional file I'd load in to provide a WFP option? I see I can load in test playlists but before I do that I must first select something in this area. Microsoft docs don't seem to cover this for WFP. Before I go back to the developers, I'd like to have a good idea ...Read more

Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) hangs on WFP Validation when trying to WFPLogo

Why is WFPLogo.exe hanging for the Validate WFP test?I setup HLK 10 on Windows Server 2016 for controller and test server. I scheduled tasks for my WFP driver and the first two suites completed successfully. However, the WindowsFilteringPlatform_tests hands on Validated WFPUsage and it seems to be running:WFPLogo.Exe -t "\ArchitecturalDesign\Validate.WFPUsage" -lFilter.Driver.WindowsFilteringPlatform.ArchitecturalDesign.Validate.WFPUsage.NTLog-rWhen I run this locally, the tool opens a file with a series of questions for me to fill out and sa...Read more