webserver - Return custom 403 error page with nginx

Im trying to display the error page in /temp/www/error403.html whenever a 403 error occurs.This should be whenever a user tries to access the site via https (ssl) and it's IP is in the blovkips.conf file, but at the moment it still shows nginx's default error page.I have the same code for my other server (without any blocking) and it works.Is it blocking the IP from accessing the custom 403 page?If so how do I get it to work?server { # ssl listen 443; ssl on; ssl_certificate /etc/nginx/ssl/site.i...Read more

webserver - Receiving data in serial port ESP8266

I have sent data to a HTTP server (I have created the server with ESP8266) and the server gives the data completely.But the problem is, when I refresh the web browser the data removed.I don't know how can I have a backup of my data and every time I refresh the browser I can see the older data.Here is my code:#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>const char* ssid = "Ashnay-E-Aval";const char* password = "8841525252";WiFiServer server(80);void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); delay(10); Serial.println(); Serial.println(); Serial.print("Connecting to ...Read more

webserver - Setting up a Web server in CentOS

Hey guys I'm having a big problem. I've been trying to set up my web server in CentOS. I successfully set up LAMP already but my friends can't access it. How do I fix that? And how do I set up a domain name in Apache? I tried changing the ServerAddress to like www.example.com but when I typed in my server address in Chrome, it says www.example.com could not be found. What could be the problem? Please, help me....Read more

webserver - Lighttpd: redirect domain to new domain including path

I operate a lighttpd webserver hosting Wordpress. For usability and marketing reasons I have registered a new domain that should replace the old one - site structure is unchanged. Wordpress setup is okay so far and works with the new domain.Now I want to have all search engine results pointing to the old URL be redirected (301) by my Lighttpd server to the new url:www.olddomain.xy/path/somepage.html should land on www.newdomain.xy/path/somepage.htmlHere and elsewhere, I have found solutions that replace http with https, replace domain.xy with ...Read more

webserver - How do I access the web server or website using link local IPv6 address?

Below is the output of the ipconfig of the machine where web server is hosted:Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection: Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::f85b:4256:ee76:24a4%11 IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : can access the website using say: ""Now I am interested to know how can I access the same page using link local IPv6 address?...Read more

webserver - First web server questions

Just looking for some help/suggestions with this. I require my own server for an upcoming project that will be hosting users websites. I want to build a control panel the user can log into and modify their website which will be stored elsewhere on the server. This all seems easy enough, It's just managing domains and emails that confuse me.What should I look for to manage domain names and point them to the correct website and also what would be the best way to manage email accounts/set up new ones etc. I want to avoid cPanel/WHM if possible, I'...Read more

webserver - Is there any way to have a text file on the server be readable only by the browser?

I have a few pages on my web server that extract data from text files that each contain a JSON string. The pages use $.getIs there any way to allow only the server/webpages access the files? I would prefer to not have people going to the file path and saving the JSON data to their computer.If I set permissions to deny access to the default IUSR, then people visiting the site won't be able to load them.Any tricks around this?...Read more

webserver - How does server side GZipping work?

You might know that HTML related file formats are compressed using GZip compression, server side, (by mod_gzip on Apache servers), and are decompressed by compatible browsers. ("content encoding")Does this only work for HTML/XML files? Lets say my PHP/Perl file generates some simple comma delimited data, and sends that to the browser, will it be encoded by default?What about platforms like Silverlight or Flash, when they download such data will it be compressed/decompressed by the browser/runtime automatically? Is there any way to test this?...Read more

webserver - How to handle file uploads to a dedicated image server?

I got a webserver with a running application. There's a webpage with a form: some text data and a file upload field. Now, what I would like to have is it working like this:The file is sent to the dedicated server, diffrent then the one application is running on. The server should return some kind of path (or anything that identifies the uploaded and saved file and allows to create an URL). Then, both this path and user-filled data should be submitted to the webserver with application, for any kind of database storage.Problem is, there are 2 dif...Read more

webserver - How Basic Load Balancer Work?

I want to make a simple code to load balance my 2 vps.I want to make a load balancer for vps, not for the apache webserver or mysql.And I want to use the third small vps to load balance my 2 vps, and I will add more in the future.Can you guys point me the basic how load balancer work?Is it just forwarding the tcp connection?Any link is really appreciated....Read more

webserver - How do I Server My WebApp files with Couchdb

I would like to develop an application with CouchDB, I believe that is possible to use ONLY CouchCB to server html, css, fonts, icons, js, etc. files as well as to store the data and handle them.The problems I am facing is: How to serve my files using CouchDB (without having to use any middleware like nodejs), what I found is that I can upload them as attachements to a _design document, but I find it not a practical way to do so for every single file...Read more