Askbot Static Files at Webfaction Not Served

I deployed askbot script on webfaction server by following the instructions at I also have done to run python2.7 collectstatic and the DEBUG setting are False.When I visit my website it looks like the following image: the css & image rendering is gone. Am I missing some step ?...Read more

How to set up osqa at webfaction

requirements.txt file:django>=1.1mysql-pythonpython-openidpsycopg2html5libmarkdowngit+git://, virtualenv ~/webapps/ --distributesource ~/webapps//bin/activateexport PATH=/usr/pgsql-9.1/bin/:$PATH (this is to avoid the pg_config not found error install -r requirements.txt And remember don't do pip install which install into 2.4; need to invoke pip-2.7 install...Read more