web services - Compare 2 variables at different stages of the test

i have this scheme in JMeter:Get the balance value (GET) put in var mainBalancePlace a recharge (POST)Verify resulted balance (GET) - put in var updatedBalance such as updatedBalance is mainBalance + 10$All values must be type float.Im stuck at the last step: I've put a BeanShell assertion but doesn't work. It think that i get the values in the wrong way and also i dont do the calculation as JMeter wants. I also tried with vars.get(String.valueOf("mainBalance"))float a = new float(vars.get("mainBalance"));float b = new float(vars.get("updatedBa...Read more

web services - REST API error return good practices

I'm looking for guidance on good practices when it comes to return errors from a REST API. I'm working on a new API so I can take it any direction right now. My content type is XML at the moment, but I plan to support JSON in future.I am now adding some error cases, like for instance a client attempts to add a new resource but has exceeded his storage quota. I am already handling certain error cases with HTTP status codes (401 for authentication, 403 for authorization and 404 for plain bad request URIs). I looked over the blessed HTTP error cod...Read more

add service reference to xamarin project

How can I add "service reference" in Cross Platform (Xamarin Forms) e .NET Standard code strategy in vs2017? (image 1)image1.I can't add service reference to my project, I read many forum but in my .csproj I don't have target framework profile for edit it to 78. (image2)image2...Read more

web services - How can I pass parameter from Apache CXF to Camel

I am working currently on project where Apache CXF is integrated with Apache Camel. Apache CXF is a solution that we use to expose a WebService then marshal/unmarshal SOAP request and pass it to Camel. This is pretty standard. By default a POJO dataFormat in ApacheCXF is used however there is a need for getting some information form SOAP headers "" and pass it to Camel. My question is how to do this? When I use Interceptor in Apache CXF I can get information that I need but I cannot pass it then to Camel. The class below is a CXF Interceptorpub...Read more

web services - Apache CXF Endpoint validation with Interceptor

What I want to do:Implement a Camel route from a CXF Endpoint to an JMS queue with schema validation in CXF endpoint.Validation is enabled in CXF endpoint:/* Set endpoint properties */Map<String, Object> propertiesMap = new HashMap<String, Object>();propertiesMap.put("schema-validation-enabled", "true");/* Create endpoint */CxfEndpoint cxfEndpoint = new CxfEndpoint();cxfEndpoint.setWsdlURL("wsdl/input.wsdl");cxfEndpoint.setDataFormat(DataFormat.CXF_MESSAGE);cxfEndpoint.setProperties(propertiesMap);cxfEndpoint.getInInterceptors().add...Read more

web services - Call RPC/encoded Webservice with Apache Camel and CXF Endpoint

There is a lot of information about Apache Camel + CXF-Endpoint and RPC/encoded legacy webservices.But until now I did not find a solution for the problem.I want to call an RPC/encoded webservice from Apache Camel over the CXF endpoint.CXF does not support RPC/encoded Webservices. So I tried two approaches to solve the problem.Convert wsdl from RPC/encoded to RPC/literal and generate source files. Call the webservice in RPC/literal style which is supported by CXF.The following article suggests that this approach could be a solution for my probl...Read more

weblogic12c - Assembling a WebLogic Web Service Manually

I implemented webservice as described in this guide by simply creating "web-services.xml" with the following content (and offcourse i create the 'com.example.WorkFlowEntry' handler class ) :<web-services><handler-chains> <handler-chain name="enterWorkflowChain"> <handler class-name="com.example.WorkFlowEntry"> <init-params> <init-param name="workflow-eng-jndi-name" value="workflow.entry" /> </init-params> </handler> <...Read more

web services - Mule http request returns complete soap message

Below http:outbound-endpoint returns the expected response as CDATA but when i change it to http:request it returns the whole SOAP message instead of just CDATA. I don't want to write any custom code to extract the CDATA. Any help is appreciated!Flow works with http:outbound-endpoint:<flow name="Client"> <logger message="REQUEST : #[payload]" level="WARN"/> <http:outbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="request-response" address="http://server:8080/RoomStatusService/webservices.asmx" > <cxf:jaxws-client clientClass=...Read more

web services - apache camel cxf - change soap:address location

I need to expose soap service on jboss fuse server. What I am tring to do is replicate an existing developed soap service.Existing Browser URL: http://ip:8027/Services/Interface/WebServices/TestService.serviceagent?wsdlExisting Endpoint URL: http://ip:3456//Services/Interface/WebServices/Service.serviceagent/ChangeCustomerBasicEndpoint1According to my understanding the above Browser URL can be accessed in browser and WSDL can be viewed. Similarly we can use this Browser URL in SOAP-UI to get the WSDL and the Endpoint URL is where the request is...Read more

Camel CXF Component: Headers missing after service response

My camel route is a CXF receiver & it needs to call another webService. I stored the request in header & requested second service. After getting response I am not able to retrieve the original request set in header.My route looks like: <route customId="true" id="wsRoute"> <from uri="cxf:bean:ServiceEndpoint"/> <convertBodyTo type="com.customer.requestcustomeremail.SendEmailRequest"/> <setHeader headerName="req"> <simple>${body}</simple> </setHeader> <to uri="bean:IDBReq"...Read more

jaxb - Unable to unmarshall the CXF web service object to XML

I'm trying to call a web service exposed by third party. After receiving the response I'm wrapping the response to the appropriate class. While marshalling the object of the wrapper class to xml string using "jaxb" I'm getting the error as: org.apache.camel.NoTypeConversionAvailableException: No type converter available to convert from type: com.unifyv4.ws.CreateOrganisationResponse to the required type: java.io.InputStream with value com.unifyv4.ws.CreateOrganisationResponse@312ea56e Detailed Stack Trace: n | BodyType ...Read more

web services - Preventing "Save As" in Adobe PDF

We have a requirement to prevent saving additional copies of PDFs that exist out on a network drive. Currently, we have "locked down" the PDFs as much as the format will allow - which means prevently copy/paste, editing, and printing. However, the client requires that no one be able to create an additional copy of the PDF once they have it open.Using native PDF, this is not possible, because firstly, they can always click the link in the browser and "Save As..." to their desktop. Also, they can click "Save As..." inside of the Acrobat Reader...Read more

web services - Abort or terminate the Request which takes long time to respond back

I have an application developed using SmartGWT,Jaxrs,ejb &jpa.I have one scenario where user wants to extract the data(called Search Screen) by entering either firstname,lastname or middlebane,ssn,email,etcDatabase contains the huge number of records in millions, which takes lot of time to respond back.for example, user search with firstname which takes lot of time to respond, in that case user wants to cancel/terminate/abort the request.Is it possible either in smartgwt or jaxrs(web api) to terminate the request.So that user can terminate ...Read more

soap - How to determine if web services deployed correctly on websphere application server?

hey guys I'm a newbie at IBM websphere Application server and have a general question !I'm trying to deploy an ear file which only has some ejb jar files(no wars) which cantains @webservice annotations to expose JAX-WS web services.the ear structure is base on J2EE standard and it works on weblogic and glassfish as well, but when I deploy my ear on websphere 9.0 application server and try to test it's web services by SOAPUI tool I get 404 error repeatedly.unfortunately I can't see my web services list in admin console or even their wsdl files....Read more