web - How to rent your own space in a datacenter (not cloud provider)?

Is it even possible as a private person to rent a webspace?For example at interxion.How much would it cost? What do you get, do you get the hardware assigned and tell them what software you want to run on it or what?Do you know material how to read up on this?Is there open source software for virtualizing the hardware?Which datacenter are applicable for private persons?...Read more

web - Website Feature Toggling in Production

I'm setting up a dogfooding website that allows me to enable features only for that site. The dogfooding site will be a user on a production level website. The dogfooding site will then use all features within the dogfood toggle, whereas the other production users will not have that experience.Is there is an efficient way to manage these feature toggles effectively to prevent manually trying to add and remove things like "if" statements on all these features?Eventually we will need to be able to toggle html, javascript, and c#. We are not wo...Read more

symfony1 - Are desktop-style web app frameworks like Cappuccino suitable for social websites?

My application started as a desktop app inspired by slow, poorly-designed, overly-complex websites (stuck in pre-2005 era) whose core attraction/feature I took and turned into something leaner, faster and 1000% simpler (while retaining all of the useful featurse).Now I want to take the idea back to the web, to increase accessibility, ease deployment of updates, reduce piracy, integrate many social features which are a natural fit for the product and most importantly monetize on my product via ads.I've spent several days researching the availabl...Read more

web - How to block external access to website?

I'm currently building a web server on Centos7 and I'm using Virtualmin and Nginx instead of Apache.I have established the connections and I'm now going to install some modules and later install Wordpress. But how can I set the site to 'offline mode' or make it only accessible internally so that google and others can't reach the site?...Read more

web - Export to excel in SAP WebGui using ALV

I have a problem with SAP WEBGUI when I try to export my ALV in Excel file.So I used the button Local File. When I choose and I press confirm button, nothing happens. After this operation, any other button doesn't work.Can you help me? I'm using WEBGUI on Google Chrome...Read more

web - JMeter Load Test on online purchasing

I would like to talk some issues that I facing. Currently using JMeter to test the purchase train ticket on website. My question is how should I test the website. Example like, user will require to fill in quantity and information in order to purchase train ticket. After fill in, there is the "confirm" button to click and link to the payment gateway. I want to test, whether server able to hold 100 times on confirm button in 1second without slow down the performance. I would like to view the result of latency,ms of server when user press the con...Read more

web - Redirect non-www to www using DNS Zone Editor?

I've just purchased a new traffic tracking service, which requires my domain (registered at GoDaddy) to have a CNAME record pointing to their servers.I've done that fine, and it's now working.However, when typing it in without the "www", I get a 404 error page.My question is, what would I type in the DNS Zone Editor to redirect my "non-www" domain to the "www" domain?For example, I need my URL to do this…http://mydomain.com/1234 --> http://www.mydomain.com/1234Would it be done using an "A name record" or something? Or another way?I've searched ...Read more

web - Can a website have multiple CNAMEs like WWW?

Basicaly it's the same www.domain.com and domain.com, because it's an alias. But, can i create other CNAME like home.domain.com?And if i put www.domain.com, domain.com and home.domain.com those will show me the same: the main page of the website. I tried to do that, but when i enter to home, it shows me an error:https://imgur.com/7AtGAZlCan a website have multiple CNAMEs?In case of yes, how many CNAMEs like that can a website have?Regards....Read more

web - Curiosity about DNS using dig command

I am curious, I am analyzing the DNS section for the website imgur.com. My doubt is that when I run "dig imgur.com" dig only returns an IP address, if I run again the same command dig returns another IP address or sometimes the same.Another question:By using dig www.imgur.com get a CNAME to another domain, is this normal?, Can someone explain to me?Thanks...Read more

web - Subdomain IP address changed but client still getting directed to old site

I manage a web site that used to be hosted on Server A. I gave clients a subdomain url that pointed to this server, e.g. app1.example.comI have moved my web site to a new server, Server B. I changed the IP address of app1.example.com (via the domain name host company) to point to the new server and this worked ok, for me at least. However, I have one client that is still getting directed to the old server.When I get the client to ping app1.example.com it is trying to ping the old Server A. When I do a ping I get the correct Server B.I am assumi...Read more

web - How does my shared host's nameserver resolve http://servername.com/~username/ to my top level domain?

I recently moved my website to a shared hosting solution at asmallorange.com, but I had to set my domain to use their provided nameservers in order for the site to properly resolve. I was determined to keep control of the domain's DNS but I could find no way to make my top level domain resolve to the shared location which was in the format of server.asmallorange.com/~usernameSo I know I'm missing something here, my question is this: What in their nameservers/DNS entry makes it possible for server.sharedhost.com/~username to serve as a top leve...Read more

web hosting - Connect domain name to web host

Maybe I'm not asking (Google) the right questions, but I can't seem to find the "full" answer on how to connect a domain name (which I just bought from namecheap.com) to my web host.They all say something like "just get the name servers of your web host, add them to the registrar's DNS configuration page, and BAM!, your done.However, I'm on a shared hosting plan. So if I look up the name servers for:subdomain.website.comI find what look like three generic name servers. But my website is located at:subdomain.website.com/~username/How will thos...Read more

web crawler - Rapid Miner Not Saving Crawl Web Results

I am trying to crawl review for a particular movie review from IMDB website. For this I am using crawl web which i have embedded inside loop as there are 74 pages. Attached are the images of configuration. Please help. Am badly stuck in this.URL for Crawl Web is: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0454876/reviews?start=%{pagePos}...Read more

web - Haxe inactive browser tab stops completly

I'm developing a browser based game with haxe. As long as I have the browser tab as my active tab, everything works just as intended and smoothly, but as soon as i switch the tab (regardless if i'm using chrome or firefox) it stops working completly and doesn't send any heartbeat at all to my server.I'm aware, that inactive tabs are slowed down in perfomance and i'm also aware, that inactive tabs are not allowed to load ressources. (My game does not do that).I want my game to continue while it is inactive and more importantly, I want it to send...Read more