WDF - filter driver for sandbox

I want to intercept file (ReadFile, WriteFile) operations and registry calls of some program. I decided that filter driver will be the best solution. Is it possible to do that from WDF or I need to learn WDM?Are there any samples?...Read more

kmdf - Creating WDF read request out of nothing?

Background:I'm writing a virtual USB to RS232 driver. But since my hardware is a USB-chip (PDIUSBD12) and not a pure UART chip the driver needs some special tweaks. A PC using something like the Hyperterminal should beleive that it is talking to a regular RS232 chip. Anyway, the problem is not in this matter, it is more of a understanding-the-WDF-issue, hehe :)Problem:What I want to accomplish is to create a "read request" (out of nothing) and pass it down to the hardware. Sadly the WdfRequestRetrieveOutputMemory causes a "Access voilation"/cra...Read more