watson studio - How to register file/folder as a project data asset after saving to cloud object storage?

I've saved a spark data frame to cloud object storage into a Watson Studio project's bucket:staging .write .mode("overwrite") .option("header", "true") .csv(cos.url('all.csv', 'myproject-bucket'))I would the resulting folder to be show up in the project assets.Initially, I tried using project-lib but from the documentation it appears that you have to have a file like object which means bringing all the data back to the driver node and if I do that, I run out of memory....Read more

Two accounts with the same email - Watson Studio Desktop

Two accounts with same email ?Message body: I receive the following message t appears that another account with this email already has this trial. If you think this is incorrect, please contact IBM Marketplace support and provide the code BZSMS1134E. I have no two ibm cloud ids with the same email. I tried to activate Watson Studio Desktop.I have a problem to activate the Watson Studio Desktop for IBMers in addition I'm not able to avtivate the Watson Studio DEsktop Trial. I think there is a wrong linkage in the licence database "two IBMIDs wit...Read more

watson studio - Pushing cataloged objects to a project

My problem concerns pushing cataloged objects in Watson Knowledge Catalog to projects. I find that it does not consistently push all of my selected catalog objects to the project. In my case, I have 4 objects I am trying to push to the project. Usually what happens is that two of the four assets are successfully pushed the first time (a connection to a DB2 warehouse, and the corresponding Connected Data), with 2 other Data Assets failing. If I retry the push with the 2 Data Assets, it succeeds....Read more

watson studio - Not Enough Space

I've been trying to get IBM Watson Studio to load, but I keep getting the "Not Enough Space" message box stating that it needs 7.5GB of space. I have >200GB of free space and have troubleshooted on my end (disk cleanup, etc). Is there a known issue with Windows 10 or is there something else I should do?...Read more

Watson Studio change multiple column types at the same type in Refine

I am loading a file to watson studio with 152 columns and I have the problem that by default it takes the string type.Is there any way to change several columns at the same time?I know I can do it column by column but 150 columns are too much.I tried "mutate_all(~ ifelse(is.na(as.double(.x)),.x,as.double(.x)))"It works in the preview but fails when I launch the flow with the following error:19 Feb 2019-20:15:25+0100: Job execution started 19 Feb 2019-20:15:32+0100: Error in ifelse(is.na(as.double(.x)), .x, as.double(.x)): object 'COLUMN1' not f...Read more

Watson Studio "Spark Environment" - how to increase `spark.driver.maxResultSize`?

I'm running a spark job where I'm reading, manipulating and merging a lot of txt files into a single file, but I'm hitting this issue: Py4JJavaError: An error occurred while calling o8483.collectToPython. : org.apache.spark.SparkException: Job aborted due to stage failure: Total size of serialized results of 838 tasks (1025.6 MB) is bigger than spark.driver.maxResultSize (1024.0 MB)Is it possible to increase the size of spark.driver.maxResultSize?Note: this question is about the WS Spark “Environments” NOT about Analytics Engine....Read more

watson studio - Deep Learning - How can I test the MNIST tutorial model on WML?

This is a "Watson Studio" related question. I've done the following Deep-Learning tutorial/experiment assistant, successfully deployed a generated CNN model to WML(WebService). Cool!Tutorial: Single convolution layer on MNIST dataExperiment AssistantNext, I'd like to test if the model could identify my image( MNIST ) in deployed environment, and the questions came to my mind.What kind of input file( maybe pixel image file ) should I prepare for the model input ? How can I kick the scoring endpoint passing my image? ( I saw python code-snippet o...Read more

watson studio - API for running modeler flow?

my customer wants to run modeler flow with date and time specified.I know a schedule function of modeler flow is not provided with Watson Studio. So, I'm looking for API to run modeler flow. Do you have any APIs to run modeler flow like following URL? https://medium.com/ibm-watson/using-shell-scripts-to-control-data-flows-created-in-watson-applications-f7de2e265f1fThanks in advance....Read more