water pressure - Keston C36 Combi boiler - Error E37

According to the boiler manual E37 Water pressure error - You must top up the water pressure for your systemWhen opening the fill loop valve to add water pressure, water flows out the exhaust pipe.The boiler menu isn't interactive. Nothing happens when clicking the buttons, so I can't check the pressure via the display as suggested in several online videos.We've contacted a boiler technician but we'd like to further troubleshoot until they arrive.Attached images for visual reference:Boiler display and menuPiping below the boilerFilling loop in...Read more

Water pump as air compressor?

I've googled this, but found no satisfactory answers. I've found a diaphragm pump on amazon for $20, but it has one problem- it's designed for water. I specifically need a diaphragm pump/compressor, but they all appear to be expensive and achieve a low psi. For my application, I need a PSI of around 100, but I don't need a high flow rate. In short, Can a water pump be used to compress air? Thanks in advance....Read more

water pressure - How can I use drain motor as aquarium motor?

I want to circulate water which falls from a tank that 2.5 meters up to the reservoir tank at the ground level. I know there are numerous pumps but I want to use a washing machine drain motor if it is possible because it is cheaper than the other pumps.If I can please guide me - how I can soak water from the reservoir?- is it possible to pump the water to 2-2.5 meters high?- if I can't why?Thanks in advance for your kind answers.Edit:The title has aquarium to create right imagination for water pumps but I'll do fodder system like this:I need to...Read more

valve - Replacing pressure gauge on water holding tank

The water coming in from the well is supplied by thick rubber type pipe cut and angled with metal bands. There is no cut off valve to the water holding tank.I need to replace the pressure gauge (leaking from bototm). Well is 250ft deep. I understand that I can turn off electric to the well and should cut off the water supply. There is no cut off for the water coming in from the well.I believe I need to cut off electric to well, release pressure (can open a faucet), quickly put on the new pressure gauge, turn electric back on and turn on water. ...Read more

Low water pressure on refrigerator water dispenser

I have a Whirlpool Refrigerator model ED5VHEXVB00 and right now I have a low water pressure coming out of the water dispenser. The water filter needed to be replace this month and the light just turned red so I bought one and replaced it thinking that this might have something to do with the problem. After replacing the water filter I still have the same problem. Water pressure is very low and is making very thin ice cubes....Read more

well pump - Low water pressure

Our house was built in 1986. The water pressure has decreased gradually. About 4 years ago we replaced the submerged pump (we have a well and septic). It didn't help the water pressure. I adjusted the pressure from the default 40 - 60 to 60 - 80. It helped but still seems too low. I'm afraid to raise it any higher. I don't believe the problem is the pump because three years ago we installed a sprinkling system that works great. When the sprinklers are on the inside water pressure does not seem to change. On the other hand if the first ...Read more

No water pressure after new installation

We installed a new kitchen faucet and a new shower head and have no water pressure in either.All the plumbing in the house has been recently installed. We checked all the supply lines and connections. There is pressure in the tub faucet, the bathroom sink faucet. There is pressure in the dishwasher and the kitchen sink sprayer....Read more

Faucet Water Pressure

I have low water flow from my kitchen faucet. However, both bathroom faucets have very high water flow.I have verified all the shut off valves are fully open (bathrooms don't have shut off valves that I see) and all the aerators have been cleaned and put in vinegar overnight.Also, I recently bought this house. I noticed very high water pressure from the outside hose. I bought a water pressure gauge and it was at 120psi. After reading about normal household pressures, I found the pressure reducing valve and turned it counterclockwise until the o...Read more

water pressure - Suction hose in my watering system getting air. What can be the problem?

I have a water deposit, with a pressure booster pump, very similar to this one: Recently the pump stopped working properly. I don't get any water in the tap and, after inspection, I see that the suction hose has air.I've solved the issue by filling the hose with water, but the problem happens again.What might the problem be? What are the most common cases to get air into the suction hose?What can I do to prevent the pump from eventually working dry (it didn't get to that point)?...Read more

washing machine - Find a Water Pump for Clothes Washer

I'm trying to run a front load He Samsung washer (13 gallons water per wash) with water from a 18gal tub sitting on top of it. This is not enough pressure to get the water to work. It needs a minimum of 20psi but likely better if we can get a normal home pressure, roughly between 60-80psi. This means I would need to get a pump, but what flow rate for the pump? There are garden pumps with 1gallon per minute rate that runs 60psi. Will this work? I called Samsung and they tried but have no answer as to flow rate. Please help identify what requirem...Read more

How do I determine why a sealed central heating system is losing pressure?

I'm currently trying to deal with a sealed central heating system in which the pressure is dropping by 0.2–0.3 bar per day (this is obviously far too fast, because the intended pressure for this system is 1 bar). Although I intend to call in a plumber to fix the issue, it seems important to find out the location of the problem first, so that the plumber can access the appropriate place to fix it (e.g. if the problem is under the floor, there's a need to move floorboards to provide access).One common cause of this appears to be a malfunction in ...Read more