Waffle Authentication using Tomcat on Linux

UseCase:I will be looking at possible ways to achieve SSO with a Java (Spring based) web app where users belong to a Windows domain and where the users (and their credentials) gets stored in a Windows Active Directory (against which authentication gets performed).Technologies used : Spring Security 3 integrated with Waffle APIError Description:I am facing issues while authenticating the users when my web application (Spring Security 3 integrated with Waffle API) get deployed on Tomcat under Linux Environment.But my Authentication works fine wh...Read more

Adapting waffle recipe into mix

Assume I have a decent waffle recipe that I like. Assume it has nothing particularly unusual for waffles -- this means it has liquid ingredients such as milk or buttermilk, eggs, butter, vanilla extract. How can I modify this to make an "instant" waffle mix where I just add one or two ingredients (say, milk)? Can I simply replace most of the liquid ingredients with powdered or solid versions? Or must other adaptations be made to compensate? Will I have to adjust proportions?...Read more

Stovetop Waffle Iron vs Electric Waffle Maker

I can't decide between buying a waffle maker (electric appliances used to cook waffles simply by pouring in the batter and turning the device on), or waffle iron (cast iron devices used to cook waffles over a fire or over your stove top). This link presents convincing arguments and counterarguments. I assume no significant price differences. Have I overlooked anything beneath? Can someone please counsel which to buy?Waffle IronEasier to clean.Can control temperature. Can save space by being stored away. Longer lifetime. The Waffle Maker will s...Read more

Fix my waffle recipe

The other day, I made waffles for the first time in a long, long time. I had no recipe to use, so I found one online, and used it almost verbatim. When fresh, the waffles were very nice, however, the day after they were cardboard-like and lacking in flavour.I made a double batch. The original recipe calls for:2 eggs1 dl sugar2 dl skim soured milk1½ dl low fat milk1 dl water350 g plain flour1 ts baking powder½ ts baking soda1 ts vanilla sugar½ ts cardamom125 g butterThe original recipe told me to mix all the wet ingredients except the butter, t...Read more

waffle - How to make wafer balls

I would like to make a homemade ferrero balls, but I am struggling with figuring out how to bake the wafer balls. I was looking on some wafer makers or even if I could directly buy the wafer balls without any success. Any ideas ?...Read more

Eggless Belgian Waffles become unbreakably hard

I am a big admirer of Belgian Waffles and hence have been trying to come up with the perfect recipe to prepare them. However, I cannot use eggs in waffles because majority of my cousins are vegetarian. My Recipe:389 gms All Purpose Flour5 gms salt12 gms baking powder14 gms sugar500 gms milk50 gms oil111 gms cornstarchVanilla EssenceI took this recipe from a website and later replaced eggs with 2 tbsp flour & water, 0.5 tbsp of butter and baking powder.The only problem seems to be hardness. Using this recipe, I get crispy waffles but within ...Read more