vue.js - HeaderComponent with custom functionality

I would like to know how can I implement a CustomHeader with a custom functionality (other than sort, for example).Basically what I want to know is how to communicate my HeaderComponent with my component that holds the grid. E.g.:<template> <div style="height: 100%" class="table-chart" ref="root"> <div class="title" ref="title">{{ objectData.title }}</div> <div class="ag-dashboard" style="height: 100%; width: 90%; margin: 0 auto"> <ag-grid-vue :style="{ height: tableHei...Read more

vue.js - ag grid not retrieving data when mounted with vue using axios

I have this strange case when trying to retrieve data from mongoDB using axios not showing on grid. It should be already successful given the data can already loaded into the view (already tested it), but it's nowhere inside beforeMount, mounted, or ready hook.I already tried with this.gridOptions.onGridReady = () => { this.gridOptions.api.setRowData(this.ticketData) }but only yields partial success (unreliable),here's a code snippet to show what I mean,<template> <div class="ticketing"> <ag-grid-vue style...Read more

vue.js - ag-grid-vue with ES5

I am trying to use ag-grid-vue with ES5 (no webpack/babel etc). I get the following error:Uncaught ReferenceError: exports is not definedat agGridVue.js:3Does ag-grid-vue work with pure javascript or does it require a transpiler?...Read more

vue.js - feeding row data to ag-grid vue component

In all the ag-grid-vue examples, data of rows are generated in the component's method of createRowData(), which is simple but not realistic. I want to see an example in which row-data are provided to ag-grid vue component from the parent Vue instance.If there's such information, please let me know....Read more

vue.js - Apollo - update() method getting called twice, both times with optimistic/fake data

I'm completely stuck on an Apollo problem, for which I've opened a GitHub issue and had zero response on.I'm calling an Apollo mutation, using optimisticResponse. The way it's supposed to work, as I understand it, is that update() gets called twice: first with the optimistic data, then again with the actual data coming in from the network.But for some reason, my code is not working like this. I'm getting two update() calls, both with the optimistic data.Here's a repo that demonstrates this behavior: more

vue.js - vue routes lazy loading when deployed not working

After implementing lazy loading in my routes like this: component: () => import('./pages/home/index/index.vue')locally it kinda works (loses fonts on certain routes). When code is deployed by CI/CD environment, any route that is setup with lazy loading is not loaded in browser , with this console error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <After inspecting the problem, it points to <head> tags, and inside I have this: <link href=/dist/static/css/app.4d19fef0c231f16b8783490b2895fe94.css rel=stylesheet><link href=/dist/sta...Read more

Using vue.js in Shopify liquid templates

This should be simple but despite searching I was unable to find any solution to this. How do you use vue template tags within a liquid file? Since both Vue and liquid use the same curly brackets, I'm unable to render any of my view data:<img src="{{ product.featured_image }}" />results in:<img src>There are 36 products in my parent view component.When I try to use custom delimiters:new Vue({ delimiters: ['@{{', '}}'],It won't parse with Vue:   GET 404 (Not Found)UPDATE: I'm able to access Vue d...Read more

vue.js - DataTable reorder data automatically in Vuetify v0.12

Project features:- VueJS- Vuetify v0.12I have an Object Json that I get from the backend already ordered, only to show it in a table. However, v-data-table automatically reorders the JSON and does not show the order I want.This is my code in my component Table:<v-data-table :headers="headers" :items="items" :loading="loading" class="elevation-1" hide-actions> <template slot="headers" scope="props"> <span v-if="props.item.value!='actions'"> {{ props.item.text }} </span> </template> ...Read more

vue.js - Adding a entry in a v-select in vuetify

I want to add the items in a v-select. for example, we dont have any item in a v-select and want to add it extrenaly. <v-select v-bind:label="Intelligence" v-model="IntValues" multiple > </v-select> When we write like this we will get only empty select list but how to add items into it externally Here IntValues:[],Or Editable list, like TodoMVC...Read more

vue.js - Vuetify component v-form is not responding on the declared @submit event handler

I am using Vuetify and VueJS (the latest versions).Here is the small template of Login.vue:<template> <v-layout align-center justify-center> <v-flex xs12 sm8 md4> <v-card class="elevation-12"> <v-toolbar dark color="success"> <v-toolbar-title>Login form</v-toolbar-title> <v-spacer></v-spacer> </v-toolbar> <v-card-text> <v-form @submit.prevent="checkLogin"> <v-text-field prepend-icon="person" id="userLogi...Read more

vue.js - vue input radio not checked with v-model

When i'am using :checked it works put if I add v-model it does not work <div v-for="answer in the_data[current].answers" id="answers"> <p> <input type="radio" name="answer" :id="answer" :value="answer" v-model="the_answer" v-bind:checked="answer == 'girl'" > @{{ answer }} </p> </div>I need to use v-model...Read more

vue.js - How can I call data target after data saved with vue component?

My vue component like this :<template> <form> ... <a href="javascript:" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#modal-cart" class="btn btn-danger btn-block" @click="addToCart"> <span class="fas fa-shopping-cart"></span> Add to cart </a> <modal-cart id="modal-cart" :id-product=""></modal-cart> </form></template><script> import ModalCart from '../modal/ModalCart.vue' export default { components: { ModalCart ...Read more

vue.js - VueJs - Passing variables between methods

There is a v-select component and on change I am firing up fillData(selected) where selected is the v-model. And I need to update the label in datacollection.datasets.label on change. How do I do that ?<script> import BarChart from './BarChart.js' import { mapGetters, mapActions } from "vuex"; export default { name : "TestLegPerformance", components: { BarChart }, data: () => ({ datacollection : { labels: ['Week-1','Week-2','Week-3'], datasets: [ { label: '', ...Read more

vue.js - Vue 2.0 - Failed to mount component: template or render function not defined despite defined render function

Working on an SPA using Vue 2.0. I'm bundling all my templates with Webpack from .vue files via Laravel Elixir, laravel-elixir-webpack-official and laravel-elixir-vue-2. I've reviewed pretty much every existing question on this, most of which refer to needing the standalone build or calling the elixir function twice in your gulpfile, neither of which apply as I understand it.Full console error:[Vue warn]: Failed to mount component: template or render function not defined. (found in anonymous component at E:\dev\project\resources\assets\js\App.v...Read more