vpn - Response not sending from Tcp Listener

I created a simple TCP Listener to handle HL7 messages, I am receiving the messages correctly, and attempting to send an ACK message back. The server on the other end doesn't seem to be getting the responses though, do you see anything wrong with this set up?I realize it needs refactored a little, right now I'm just trying to establish the connection.class Server{ private TcpListener tcpListener; private Thread listenThread; public Server() { this.tcpListener = new TcpListener(IPAddress.Parse("hidden"), 55555); this.l...Read more

Connecting to VPN through a custom client

OK, here goes:I have a CentOS server set up to accept PPTP connections and tunnel the users traffic through my server.I am sharing this with my friends and family, and everytime they want to connect they have to go into control panel, and connect to the network manually. To set up the network, they go through a wizzard that Windows has to set up a new VPN connection for them, and they put in the IP address, username and password.I wanted to make a really simple client for them to use. When it's first installed and they click "Connect", the prog...Read more

How to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using some existing free VPN Server and VPN Clients?

I have studied the theory of VPN. Now I want to have practical knowledge. I want to download and install a free VPN Server in Computer-1 and a free VPN Client in Computer-2. Then I want to communicate from Computer-2 to Computer-3 via Computer-1. I tried downloading and installing some free VPN Clients. But none of them works fine. Majority of those VPN providers are asking me to pay to use. But i want some free VPN Server and free VPN client. I want to know this for my academic study purpose.Please suggest me some free VPN server and VPN clien...Read more

ipsec - pfsense IkeV2 Server Windows 10 VPN Client 809 Error

I have a pfSense router with Ipsec vpn setup using EAP-MSChapV2 per the guide here: pfSense IKEv2 with EAP-MSCHAPv2 Android and iOS clients connect fine, however ironically the Windows 10 client does not. I have set the client connection under Security to IKEv2, Require encryption, Use Extensible Authenitcation Protocol (EA) and chosen Microsoft; Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2) (encrypted) from the list.When I connect it tries to connect but comes back with an 809 error in the logs.On the pfSense server I get the following:Time Process PID ...Read more

is it necessary to have Site-to-Site VPN when using Azure VMs with on-premises database?

I have a VM setup with a default database and a website hosted on IIS. After the website main page is loaded, depending on the credentials, it should replace the default connection with an on-premises database connection. Now is there a way that I simply go to azure portal and make a hybrid connection with VM just like we do with azure websites or is it necessary to have a site-to-site VPN in case of azure VMs?...Read more

VPN internet traffic routing

The network that I connect to does not allow internet traffic so when I connect to it I can only remote into a machine there, I can't check my emails or go on the web. Is there a way to route my internet traffic to my other network and just use the VPN for connecting to things like my desktop and source control on their network?I am using Juniper's Network Connect VPN....Read more

vpn - TAP/TUN adapter in LXC container

I am trying to create an lxc container that acts as a vpn server. I am trying to add the tap/tun adapter to the container's device list. I have tried adding the following line to the lxc config. lxc.cgroup.devices.allow = c 10:200 rwm That did not seems to add it to the container. I have tried creating the folder /var/lib/lxc/vm1/rootfs/dev/net and mknod -m 666 /var/lib/lxc/vm1/rootfs/dev/net/tun c 10 200This does not work as well. Using mknod inside the container throws an error Operation not permitted Any ideas on how I proceed? I am still ne...Read more

vpn - Citrix font errors on Fedora 13/14

I need to run Citrix Receiver on Fedora 13 to connect into a corporate VPN. I had it running originally on Fedora13, but after some previous update some time ago in the past, Citrix stopped working. Now, when opening the application, the dialogue appears but no text is visible. If attempting to run the application from the command-line, there is a repeating error that occurs:Warning: Name: FONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG_STRING Class: XmRendition Conversion failed. Cannot load font.Warning: No font found.I found one way around this, by specifyi...Read more

Not able to access zabbix default port (10050) in a server that contains VPN installed

I want to monitor the server that contains VPN(strongswan) installed using zabbix. From my Zabbix server it is not able to access the zabbix client installed in my VPN server. Is their any way to open zabbix default port 10050?sudo ufw status verbosecommand output shows:Status: activeLogging: on (low)Default: deny (incoming), allow (outgoing), deny (routed)New profiles: skipTo Action From-- ------ ----10050/tcp ALLOW IN Anywhere 10050 ...Read more

Why is RDP Considered Less Secure Than LogMeIn or VPN?

I've heard from more than one IT Manager that they don't allow users to user RDP to connect to their internal network from the outside, because it's not safe. They claim that if they'd allow their users to do so, then anyone from the outside will have access to their network as well.I'm not getting it. In order to use RDP, you need a user name and password, and you can't get in without it. The same is for using Gmail, online banking, and any other web service.So what do they use instead? LogMeIn. Or a VPN connection, and then use internal ...Read more

amazon vpc - Can I modify VPN configuration file?

When you create a VPN connection with Amazon VPC, Amazon offers a configuration file for different router brands. This file can be downloaded as soon as the VPN creation is done. So the natural procedure is to start the configuration process in Amazon and then just run the provided commands in your router.My question is, can you do it the other way around? Is there a way to modify the VPN settings in Amazon based on my physical router settings? Or are Amazon VPN settings just read-only?...Read more